Fortnite Arena

I made it to division 6 after a little bit of play & then won a duos game with Bart.

I think he was happy but he sounded really tired. Bart doesn’t live in the United States so I am unsure even what time it was for him but this was around noon for me.

I also diagnosed a gaming computer for a guy, another situation where the pins were bent.

This is a common issue. People come in & tell me their machine won’t post after they’ve built it & then I find the pins are bent. Something this severe I won’t even try to fix. It’s possible, but just not something I want to do. These pins are a lot smaller than they appear in the photo & he’s going to return it & get another motherboard instead.

It’s important to make sure the CPU is installed correctly the first time or this is what will happen. I’ve seen this many times over the years. It used to be that people would bend the pins on the CPU, which, people still do with AMD chips. I fixed a chip for a kid earlier this year, fortunately for him. In fact, the machine was a pre-built & arrived with bent pins from the builder. I was able to bend them into place & the machine booted after that. As far as this one goes, I could have made an attempt, but it’s better if he replaces the motherboard & he was fine with doing that.

I also won this solo squad recently.

I was so disappointed in all my squad games with friends & had vowed not to get caught up playing pickups again, but, I did, & after a bunch of 2nd place finishes, I finally won this squad game, solo. It came down to a 2 v 1 & they both had hammers & crowns & I didn’t, but it worked out because I had a few builds, guns, & a jump trick for a headshot I did at the end.

More Fortnite – Chapter 4 Season 1

you know what I realized after doing another edit.. my video editor after its last update defaulted back to 8000kbps & that’s what these latest videos are exported at.. I’ve been wondering about this but didn’t really look into it.. my captures are at 15000kbps+ so in the future I’m going to keep an eye on that because I want to maintain the video quality.. its okay but it’s not as good as I’d like it to be.. & I’m seeing that with some other videos too.. I’m not sure why the editor defaulted back to 8000kbps (which is typically stream quality) but when I capture at 15000kbps+ I’d prefer to share the videos at that quality too.. just a random thought as I move forward..

1 v 1 squad win here at the end.. the kid was kind of good, I chased him around a long time in this game..

I had a couple solo Division 5 arena wins with Han Solo.

I’ve also renewed this server contract for a year & I may look at renewing for longer at a later date as they’ve gotten a lot better over the years. When I first signed up with this host, I nearly left, & multiple times there were problems, but with my latest renewal, they’ve really done a lot to keep me signed up & I appreciate that.

Fortnite Win, Complete Game

In this game I use my character “BATMAN” which isn’t the Batman you find on the Fortnite tracker website but it’s still BATMAN. Anyway, I don’t normally play this account, & have had a few accounts named BATMAN, but in this game I save everyone & then one of my teammates suddenly turns into a try-hard & we go on to win. It was the dynamic duo versus the final squads.

Later on I had this bug again, which cost me the game.

Here’s one of the holiday skins they’re giving away right now.

Of course I still have over a dozen videos from this season yet to edit & post. I don’t normally post complete games anymore, but maybe I will start doing that just to save myself the time.

The above emote is Mr. Beast’s.

But, I certainly picked up the new Metallica emote when it released.

That’s my tower & sky base in the background.

Here’s another bug I have been running into. I’ve reported it to Epic many times.

Fortnite Gaming

As I’ve talked about many times on this blog, I have a lot of Fortnite wins that I have yet to edit or share. Since the new season has started, I’m not going to bother sharing last season’s wins that I didn’t finish editing in time. Also, funny, two of my best wins this season I did not even record!

Here is my latest arena solo win which got me my 10th victory crown. It actually says I only have 10 wins this season on Fortnite tracker, but I have more than that. Whatever, not a big deal. Fortnite tracker has some issues sometimes & isn’t always 100% accurate. Anyway, I had other solo, trios, and squad wins which I did record. I will possibly post those to Youtube in the near future.

As far as work goes, just fixing random machines, mostly gaming computers lately. I fixed a machine with a power supply issue, he had a 3080ti & his power supply was too small for it. Another machine received an upgrade to a 3070, & another needed a new fan in the power supply. I also replaced a power jack for a laptop & installed a new m.2 & Windows in another gaming computer.