Squad Wins

In this game I had to do a little bit to ensure we got the win.

Random pickups here that did pretty well. I had a minor glitch in the middle of this game because somehow Windows setup the multiple virtual desktops or whatever so my two desktops were spread out into four virtual screens and yeah anyway long story short I had to resolve that in the middle of the game.

New Tablet

It’s here & I’m testing it out. I guess it plays Fortnite too. It was a nice deal. I could have opted for more, but this should work just fine. I needed to replace my iPad, I just wasn’t happy with it & I have owned several Samsung devices in the past so I’ll definitely use this for research & reading, but I may try some games too.

Fortnite & a General update

An update on Fortnite! Last night I went to a local casino in real life. It is one of the better casinos, if not the best in the state. I had a good time. Earlier I had played Fortnite. I won a few games but nothing spectacular so I haven’t even edited or uploaded those videos. I don’t get too many views anyway & so now I’m at a point where if the game doesn’t stand out to me, I’m not taking the time to upload. Still, after playing a throwback game of Planetside months ago, I’m not sure if Fortnite will age well, considering we used to think Planetside graphics looked great. Anyway, I began working on my PhD again. I had taken time off & fortunately was able to transfer some credits. I start classes again Monday. I need to find additional funding. I am exploring my options. Also, I bought a new tablet for this endeavor, the Samsung S7. I still want to get a PS5 & at least a 3080 graphics card, & I could go on & on about the other upgrades I would do if I could justify spending the money, but that’ll be another time. I also, even though I already own four vehicles, am looking at buying a car next week. I probably won’t but maybe.