I bought an old iMac

I’ve purchased these in the past and refurbished them a bit before reselling. This one I may end up swapping in an SSD & I may even replace the video card. It’s a bit of work, but if I replace the graphics card with a card from an Alienware laptop, I can then put a newer version of Apple OS on it. The SSD will also speed things up & I can clean out any dust that’s likely inside. Additionally, I will probably remove the optical drive because I could then increase the airflow inside, thus keeping the machine cooler. I’ll make that decision at a later date. I considered buying a few of these, but I only ended up getting one from the charity auction. I do not have a lot of space currently, considering all of the electronics & things I already own, & I also need to fix a few things on my backup BMW.

Speaking of, I did some traveling to go get my BMW from storage. I needed a replacement car since that woman totaled mine. I hope to hear from her insurance company soon about a settlement.

Here I am at the Mall of America. I don’t take selfies very well. Plus I turn 40 this year. I lost count of the number of times someone said I look good for my age. I thank them. I went into the Christmas store, which opened in July & will remain until they shutdown around January.

It’s really a fun place, but I didn’t stay very long.

I also stopped by Legoland. I always stop there if I’m at the mall.

There was also a sock store. Hilarious. I had some other photos from the Christmas store & I may post those later.

I had a delicious burger for lunch.

I picked up this fragrance awhile back.

Anyway, I was out in Minneapolis around midnight too.

Then this photo was just before sunrise.

I had some hot wings & later I tried these at what they call a level 10. These are level 7. I guess the levels go up to 20. After having a level 10 and a level 7, I feel like an 8 or 9 would be great, but anywhere from 7 to 10 seems fine.

This is the gate at my storage facility.

Besides Mall of America, I also stopped at Apache Mall. This is a statue of George Washington.

There was also Abraham Lincoln.

Of course Thomas Jefferson is there too.

Unfortunately all known likenesses of Adamson Tannehill were destroyed by the British via invasions & fires. I really can’t blame them too much, they had to have disliked the fact that anytime they went after him, they lost. So instead they went after paintings and what not.

Check out the shower at my gym, pretty fancy.

I did play a bit of Fortnite the other day with Topher & had a good run in Arena with Alex tonight. We gained some points.

Speaking of Egypt, Mostafa kind of upset me again with his talk & timing yesterday. He tries to manipulate the narrative & sometimes has a selective, perhaps poor, memory. He said that there was an 8GB and a 4GB stick in a laptop when there were only two 4GB sticks & then he asked me about some ram I was carrying to put away, as if I had an ulterior motive for the ram, which I didn’t. It’s frustrating because I advised him to sell off some of this excess old stock he has and some of what he’s collected from junked computers, and he wanted me to test and list items for sale online on my own time with a percentage payment when they sold. I said that would be fine, not because I need the money, not because I want to do it, but because I know it would help him. Then he acts odd when I have some of those items just in the other room, as if I had plans other than what we discussed for them. It’s ridiculous and I have experience with Egyptians in this regard. I understand his point, to a degree, but it’s me, not someone else. I am doing my best by this guy & it frustrated me so I’m writing about it. I hope he realizes, because, some people continually get the wrong idea. Or sometimes, they do it just to mix up emotions & do what I call, 3rd party, emotional manipulation. This is done by telling one story, that usually isn’t true, in conjunction with another set of events, all the while, the negative emotions are coming from an entirely different source, usually a personal one having to do with money or health, or something in that regard. I will do my best with it and I know that he knows the truth, but he may continue to act in this way. It’s what I’ve experienced. I know that he believes what he believes, but I found the ram he was talking about and none of them are 8GB. I did find an 8GB but that’s a completely different brand & had been there with the rest of the ram since the day I started.

It was great also today to hear from Moses up in Canada. He called after I had emailed him & we chatted a bit again about doing business together. I hope one day that we do & I know that he is doing big things up there in Canada & I’d really like to help if I could.

Guns N’ Roses

I now regret that I cut my hair before doing this hairdo. haha

I installed this 2080 Super today.

I also received some Fortnite gifts!

The kids who are friendly are the best part of the game.

I didn’t bother to finish this, I couldn’t put up with going in there so many times.

“I’m no leader. I do what I have to do. Sometimes, people come with me.” – Edgar Friendly

I had a wonderful dinner this evening consisting of fish, broccoli, a bread roll, & some French fries.

Greetings from the Computer Shop

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I am fixing computers! I had a computer store back in 1997 & ran it until 2005 when I moved to Hawaii. I nearly took a job in Hawaii fixing computers, but then I decided to work for the federal government and then go back to college. After that I worked for some corporations and ran an auto dealership before working for the department of commerce. Lately I’ve just been relaxing and avoiding the virus while playing games. Some of you know, years ago I hit a deer in my BMW & pinched some nerves so it took awhile to recuperate.

I had thought the HP was damaged but it actually came from the factory like that, all of them did.

I am also changing offices, this is one of the potential locations.

I was helping a friend at his computer store. I’ll be here most of the month.

It’s kind of a mess but while he’s away for the month I am cleaning things up a bit.

I’ve been troubleshooting some computers and fixing others. This kid’s motherboard has failed. It’s a pretty common issue for this particular AMD.

I actually (kinda) cleaned my keyboard! It’s still due for a replacement. I’ve only had it about 8 months but I’ve worn it out somewhat.

I was in my hometown for the 4th of July and found this cell phone outside in a shopping cart at Walmart. I returned it to the owner after some quick research. She was very thankful.

As I turn 40 this year, I am fairly excited for the forthcoming Indiana Jones film. Harrison Ford is among my favorite actors of all-time. He has the talent and the skills and he’s tough. The guy survived a plane crash in 2017, among other things! I remember watching Temple of Doom as a kid & I was so young I had to hide by the stairs and crane my head around because my parents didn’t want me to watch it, which was odd, considering they had let me watch much worse films.

I just think since my parents hadn’t seen it yet, they wanted to watch the film before I did, in case there was something they didn’t want me to see. Honestly I wish I had seen it in the theater, but I am too young for that. Later they let me watch it and of course I had already seen Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ford is also the main reason I like Star Wars. I mean, okay, AMONG the main reasons.

In my mind I feel like Harrison would call me “kid” like he does with others in his films. haha

I also wanted to comment on what happened in Canada with those statues. I feel it is disrespectful and that those children should have known better.