Fortnite Arena Wins

Last night I had two Fortnite solo Arena wins in a row. These videos will be up on youtube later, albeit, edited for time.

I won both games with my SMG.

I also won a duos game.

& last night I went to Panera

I had a salad and tea.

Today a mom came in with her son’s gaming computer. It wasn’t working but I fixed it. The CPU was seated improperly & actually a pin was bent. After fixing the pin, I installed the CPU & it worked perfectly. Apparently the power supply had failed & they had the power supply replaced & then it didn’t start so I believe perhaps whomever installed the power supply caused the problem with the CPU.

I fixed it in about an hour but I also fixed a gaming laptop & an all-in-one during that time. The gaming laptop had some fried USB ports.

The gaming laptop that I fixed earlier, they were referred to me by Geek Squad. Geek Squad couldn’t fix it & told them that maybe we could. After my last federal job, it’s been nice to take a break doing something I enjoy. I’ve been asked to apply with the US Treasury. I may like that better than the Department of Commerce. Still, I can’t complain, the Department of Commerce kept paying me even when I was relaxing out in Vegas. As always, more to come.

I had a Arena Duos win with the other Alex tonight after work. We also placed 2nd and 3rd in our other Arena games.

I bought an old iMac

I’ve purchased these in the past and refurbished them a bit before reselling. This one I may end up swapping in an SSD & I may even replace the video card. It’s a bit of work, but if I replace the graphics card with a card from an Alienware laptop, I can then put a newer version of Apple OS on it. The SSD will also speed things up & I can clean out any dust that’s likely inside. Additionally, I will probably remove the optical drive because I could then increase the airflow inside, thus keeping the machine cooler. I’ll make that decision at a later date. I considered buying a few of these, but I only ended up getting one from the charity auction. I do not have a lot of space currently, considering all of the electronics & things I already own, & I also need to fix a few things on my backup BMW.

Speaking of, I did some traveling to go get my BMW from storage. I needed a replacement car since that woman totaled mine. I hope to hear from her insurance company soon about a settlement.

Here I am at the Mall of America. I don’t take selfies very well. Plus I turn 40 this year. I lost count of the number of times someone said I look good for my age. I thank them. I went into the Christmas store, which opened in July & will remain until they shutdown around January.

It’s really a fun place, but I didn’t stay very long.

I also stopped by Legoland. I always stop there if I’m at the mall.

There was also a sock store. Hilarious. I had some other photos from the Christmas store & I may post those later.

I had a delicious burger for lunch.

I picked up this fragrance awhile back.

Anyway, I was out in Minneapolis around midnight too.

Then this photo was just before sunrise.

I had some hot wings & later I tried these at what they call a level 10. These are level 7. I guess the levels go up to 20. After having a level 10 and a level 7, I feel like an 8 or 9 would be great, but anywhere from 7 to 10 seems fine.

This is the gate at my storage facility.

Besides Mall of America, I also stopped at Apache Mall. This is a statue of George Washington.

There was also Abraham Lincoln.

Of course Thomas Jefferson is there too.

Unfortunately all known likenesses of Adamson Tannehill were destroyed by the British via invasions & fires. I really can’t blame them too much, they had to have disliked the fact that anytime they went after him, they lost. So instead they went after paintings and what not.

Check out the shower at my gym, pretty fancy.

I did play a bit of Fortnite the other day with Topher & had a good run in Arena with Alex tonight. We gained some points.

Speaking of Egypt, Mostafa kind of upset me again with his talk & timing yesterday. He tries to manipulate the narrative & sometimes has a selective, perhaps poor, memory. He said that there was an 8GB and a 4GB stick in a laptop when there were only two 4GB sticks & then he asked me about some ram I was carrying to put away, as if I had an ulterior motive for the ram, which I didn’t. It’s frustrating because I advised him to sell off some of this excess old stock he has and some of what he’s collected from junked computers, and he wanted me to test and list items for sale online on my own time with a percentage payment when they sold. I said that would be fine, not because I need the money, not because I want to do it, but because I know it would help him. Then he acts odd when I have some of those items just in the other room, as if I had plans other than what we discussed for them. It’s ridiculous and I have experience with Egyptians in this regard. I understand his point, to a degree, but it’s me, not someone else. I am doing my best by this guy & it frustrated me so I’m writing about it. I hope he realizes, because, some people continually get the wrong idea. Or sometimes, they do it just to mix up emotions & do what I call, 3rd party, emotional manipulation. This is done by telling one story, that usually isn’t true, in conjunction with another set of events, all the while, the negative emotions are coming from an entirely different source, usually a personal one having to do with money or health, or something in that regard. I will do my best with it and I know that he knows the truth, but he may continue to act in this way. It’s what I’ve experienced. I know that he believes what he believes, but I found the ram he was talking about and none of them are 8GB. I did find an 8GB but that’s a completely different brand & had been there with the rest of the ram since the day I started.

It was great also today to hear from Moses up in Canada. He called after I had emailed him & we chatted a bit again about doing business together. I hope one day that we do & I know that he is doing big things up there in Canada & I’d really like to help if I could.

Food Post 2-4-2020

Yesterday in Fortnite people were asking me a lot of questions & the one that really struck me as interesting was, “How are you eating?” I told them I prepare almost all of my own meals. This perplexed them & they asked me what kind of food I am eating. So, here is a post about what I ate today. My friend suggested I start a Youtube cooking channel! Hilarious. Obviously this is all store bought. I had Milo’s tea with my meal & I also enjoy straight black tea, Earl Grey, & English Breakfast, among others. I also like red, white, & green teas. It took a couple hours to prepare everything if you consider the time I took shopping. While I only used a small amount of this butter in my rice, it is definitely worth noting. I typically make sure everything I buy is as free from salt as possible. This butter is from grass fed cows & has an excellent color to it. It is a bit more expensive but well worth it. The Tortillas are made right here in Minnesota.
I couldn’t find the cheese I was looking for so I had to settle for this. Yes, typically I use an even better cheese than this for my burritos but it was more than sufficient, especially considering I don’t use a whole lot.
I took this photo after I had already made the first burrito, so this is the Tuscan chicken I prepared. I cut it up on the parchment paper I baked it with. I have a video of the chicken breast prior to it being cooked when it was prepared with the dry Tuscan spices. I then cut it up after baking it for about 20 minutes in the oven.
I also baked the tortillas. I decided to bake the tortillas as opposed to warming them on a skillet because I felt as if I already had enough to clean after this meal.
The rice took the longest to cook so I started it first. Not enough credit is given to the importance of a good rice. I used the aforementioned butter, as well as spring water, & my own blend of salt & spices. This is, at least in part, why I try to get everything without salt or as low sodium as possible. That way I control the sodium content & I know the quality of salt being used.
The funny thing is that I could go farther with this because, just like the rice, I also purchased my salsa verde from the store. I could have instead made my own & to save time I simply purchased Tostitos salsa verde. This again has a bit more salt than I would like, but it’s decent. I also bought a bag of organic blue corn chips. I didn’t end up eating any of the chips tonight, but I certainly will. Also, I did buy a green pepper, but I decided not to cook it this time & will use it in something else later this week.
After adding the rice I added the three bean blend. The beans were the easiest to cook & were made last. They were excellent & this was the first time I bought beans from this company. If you’re curious, they were an Organic Tri-Bean Blend with Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, & Black Beans. They are very low sodium & they do not use sodium chloride in their Tri-Bean Blend.
I added the cheese & then of course the salsa verde & sour cream. The sour cream was from Daisy Brand LLC. The chicken didn’t have a company name per say, just from a local meat market, but it was fresh unfrozen chicken breast. There was a lot of flavor & really I am a bit biased but, to me, it was much better than Chipotle.
I bought Romaine lettuce from Green Giant, grown in California. I like how there is a sticker showing when it was picked, which was about a week ago. That’s a short supply chain. I then cut the lettuce & discarded the parts I didn’t want. I felt like I was wasting some of the lettuce but I didn’t know anyone who would eat it so then after that I washed the lettuce twice & bagged it in a Ziploc. I guess what I should have done with the parts I didn’t want for my burrito, & perhaps I’ll do this next time, is make it into a salad. I know I’ve eaten lower quality lettuce in salads before so I’m not sure why I was so picky. I didn’t think of this until I discarded the unwanted cuts. It’s still good lettuce, even if it isn’t the choice sections of the plant. Another thing I’ll do next time, I will only prepare one tortilla & use the other two uncooked to wrap the food because then I can simply reheat the entire burrito in the oven for about 10 minutes without worrying about overcooking the tortilla. Sometimes I forget my methods but it’s been awhile since I made burritos. I gave ate one, gave one away, & stored another in the refrigerator for later. The small amount of beans, chicken, & rice remaining, I ate.
My friend works at a local restaurant & I was messaging him, as I randomly do, & he wanted one of my burritos. I had told him I made too much & sent him some photos & he stopped by & picked up a burrito & some salsa. I didn’t really offer but I suppose I implied & he wrote me a message saying, “Save me one!” It was great to know that he enjoyed it since, as I told him, I hate letting food go to waste. Obviously I probably would have eaten the extra burrito in a day or two, but it’s definitely better fresh & he’s a good friend. I value his input & I know if it were bad, he would have told me! He sent me this photo from the restaurant & complimented me on the burrito. I actually gave him a good portion of lettuce so that’s what you may see in the background there. I’ll just keep in mind that he’s not a big lettuce fan next time. Basically I wrapped the burrito in aluminum foil as well as some lettuce & cheese in another section of foil. I put the salsa in a plastic container I had. He stopped by the house & picked it up on his way back to the restaurant.