I Fixed Another Gaming Computer

A guy from Milwaukee was in town & needed to get his friend’s gaming computer working correctly. He bought a new mainboard and I installed it.

they were happy with the results

Here’s the system before the swap after I gutted it

The AsRock board was replaced with an Asus board.

I also installed a 5600x replacing his old CPU.

I also picked up a 2019 Macbook Pro! I got it for a great price because I bought it wholesale from a corporation that thought it was broken. However, it was just a software issue which I quickly resolved.

Now I have it listed for sale for $900 but I am considering keeping it.

It only has 8 battery cycles! It’s basically new.

I even have the box.

After work I went out and had a burger.

It was okay.

We got a threadripper in stock. It’s in the display case along with a 3060 & 3070.

I bought a 3080 TI for my computer! I’ll have it by next week.

Fixed a kid’s gaming laptop

Today a student and his father came in with a broken laptop. He said that his son was using it & it kept automatically shutting down. The son confirmed the story & I told them I’d call them back.

After using the laptop for almost an hour, it did what they said.

I then thought it might be a few things, so I took it apart. I had wanted to immediately update the bios, but I wanted to make sure the machine staid running before I did that. I replaced the thermal compound, after cleaning off the old compound, for both the GPU & CPU. I inspected the battery & found that it was fine & then booted the machine back up.

After updating the bios & replacing the compound, the machine ran fine. Prior to the update, it was automatically shutting down at 55 degree Celsius. This is far too low. It now operates correctly & the sensors are reading accurately. I then cleaned the system up, removing AVG & fixing his web browsers. I removed nearly 700 pieces of malware & optimized his machine for gaming, fixing things like notifications, privacy, background apps, & start-up programs.

The other technician working thought the mainboard was probably bad but I knew I could fix it so I did.

We had one of these left & someone bought it today! We also now have EVGA 3070s for $1099.99. This is still high in my book, but it’s the best we can do right now & that still beats eBay currently.

Another iMac

I had another iMac arrive today. I bought this from the original owner & it is practically mint. I am going to do some upgrades to it & then probably sell it since I already have two. I used to own five of these things, but I sold those years ago. I decided to get more since I keep finding them for around $100.

Sometimes what I do is I put Mac OS, Linux, & Windows 10 on these. I will also change out the graphics card, install an SSD, upgrade it to an i7, & upgrade the ram.

& Another One

A shy Vietnamese gamer girl came in with her mother. Her computer had a blue screen of death. So, I fixed it. I cleaned the dust with air, updated her bios, re-installed windows, & installed the latest drivers including the chipset & graphics drivers. It was surprising too to see how much faster it ran with a bios update. Some of these AMD machines really need that update, not only for security, but for performance gains.

It was a custom built machine using Gigabyte components. She had a lot of stickers.

Last night I was out walking & found pieces of my car in the intersection.

Robbie, the UPS driver, said that there’s a collision at this intersection almost monthly. I guess it’s a regular commute & some people just zone out & don’t even see the red light. The insurance company emailed me to say that they were accepting full liability for their client & would make an offer to replace my car soon.

Fortnite Arena Wins

Last night I had two Fortnite solo Arena wins in a row. These videos will be up on youtube later, albeit, edited for time.

I won both games with my SMG.

I also won a duos game.

& last night I went to Panera

I had a salad and tea.

Today a mom came in with her son’s gaming computer. It wasn’t working but I fixed it. The CPU was seated improperly & actually a pin was bent. After fixing the pin, I installed the CPU & it worked perfectly. Apparently the power supply had failed & they had the power supply replaced & then it didn’t start so I believe perhaps whomever installed the power supply caused the problem with the CPU.

I fixed it in about an hour but I also fixed a gaming laptop & an all-in-one during that time. The gaming laptop had some fried USB ports.

The gaming laptop that I fixed earlier, they were referred to me by Geek Squad. Geek Squad couldn’t fix it & told them that maybe we could. After my last federal job, it’s been nice to take a break doing something I enjoy. I’ve been asked to apply with the US Treasury. I may like that better than the Department of Commerce. Still, I can’t complain, the Department of Commerce kept paying me even when I was relaxing out in Vegas. As always, more to come.

I had a Arena Duos win with the other Alex tonight after work. We also placed 2nd and 3rd in our other Arena games.