RIP Mark Lanegan 2/22/2022

“There’s just so little mystery left in music or film. It was all that was magical to me as a child.” – Mark Lanegan

When he collaborated with Layne Staley on this song with Mad Season, it was quite entertaining. If you’re looking for more, it’s out there. However, there is only so much since Layne died young & now Mark has passed.

“The wind has carried all of that away.” – Layne Staley

War Games

Back in the 80’s I lived in Sugar Land & then we moved back to Spamtown.

What actually happened was that we were down in Texas & then we moved to Milwaukee & then eventually back to Minnesota. Later in life I spent time in some other cities.

Houston to Minneapolis.. I’ve spent time in some major cities including Milwaukee, Chicago, New York City, Boston, New Orleans, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Honolulu, Hilo, Phoenix, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, Kansas City, Nashville, & many more.

No Pizza 2022

No Pizza 2022 is going along quite well. I was able to quit pizza last December & this is the second time for my New Year’s resolution that I have quit pizza. The last time I quit pizza was in 2014 & that went well, but by 2015 I was eating pizza again. I have nothing against pizza, I in fact really enjoy pizza, but it’s a part of a much larger plan I wanted to get back to & as of this posting in February, I’m still on track. I’m just going to take it one step at a time & hopefully no one gets all bent out of shape about it.