This is the game that never ends! I need to buy the Nights of Shadows for at least one of my accounts. I want the Family & Friends expansion & typically it goes on sale just before they announce the next expansion. For sure I’ll buy the Premium edition. I tend to buy it later & sometimes even as late as when it goes on sale since I don’t play the game too much these days.

Still, I feel like I need to have it because it typically comes with stuff you can’t get again or would have to pay a lot more for later. Also, you’d have to find someone willing to make that deal. Considering this game may continue for decades, & I still like to play it from time to time, I want to remain somewhat overpowered if I can for when I do decide to level. One thing that’s always worked with EverQuest, besides putting in the time, is, to throw money at it.

I went through some old screenshots & here’s a sample.

I’ll post some screenshots from my own banker’s Guild Hall later, but the raid guild I am in is called Firestormers.

this skull is kind of rare, you’d had to have played the EverQuest card game & combined three cards to make this item & I believe it was tradeable so I suppose some people bought it & yeah I remember saying I thought Daybreak might be a good match for MTG since they had run their own card game for so long & that ended up happening, I logged into the new MTG Online to check it out & everything transitioned smoothly

anyway, here’s an old screenshot from EQ

I actually have my own Guild Hall on my alt, it’s my bank alt. The other guild I’m in is a guild I joined years ago & I don’t really deal with them much. Typically I used to deal a lot with Triton (another guild our guild affiliates with) but lately I’ve just staid pretty solo.

Sony PS5

It only took (nearly) 3 years but PS5s are back on the shelves at Walmart.

Probably not for long.

Still, you’ve been able to order them online pretty easily for quite some time now.