I have defeated the bots

While gaming & running my business & doing all the other things I do, since no one does anything for me but me, I also defeated the bots. That’s right, the Russian & Indian & Nigerian & etc bots which were spamming my servers have now been neutralized. As far as my email server goes, I’ve been dealing with those bots nearly 20 years & I doubt that’ll get sorted anytime soon, because that would take a lot of my time to really resolve, but I’ve done pretty well with that too.

They’ve been targeting me for over 20 years, they’ve attacked my websites, they’ve attacked my mail servers, they’ve done so much warfare on what I’ve created, I often in the past simply took down what was public to deter them. I still have copies of everything, but anyway, it’s great that this is resolved & now to work on something new. I have all these entities always trying to steal from me & some of them are so large that the population have this mass belief that these entities are the true creators & as we’ve often seen, they’re not. I will continue to protect my intellectual property.

Speaking of Intellectual Property, anyone notice a certain Youtuber trying to leech on a clearly defined IP? I don’t like Mr. Beast, but Gene Wilder was awesome. When we moved to Milwaukee just before 2nd grade, I saw Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory for the first time.

I’ve parted ways with Gino. Also, my business is doing alright, he was just one of many clients. Additionally, I found a neat sealed game at the Goodwill. I have also been buying older computers & servicing them, as well as sealed DVDs for whatever reason. If it is relatively inexpensive & I like it & I feel I can do something with it, then I might buy it. I also enjoy auctions.

I am going to send this game in to get graded, it is a sealed game for the Mac titled Mario teaches typing.

I would have sent it in for grading already, but I’ve been busy. I did speak to Wata & while they liked the game & said they haven’t seen this too often, they do not grade any PC or Mac games. However, there is VGA the Video Game Authority & I’ll send it out to them when I get time.

I just couldn’t resist buying this, just too sweet. Of course, I am an amazing typist.

I ran into a counterfeit battery. I ordered a replacement for a customer & go figure, first one though, so I simply returned it & got a different one.

I also sold one of my Lenovo PCs today to a kid for $75. Oddly enough, that was still a profit for me, albeit, only about $15. I normally sell these machines for more but he made the offer & was friendly so I said sure. I’ll get some of the others I have listed soon. I am going to offer some 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation Intel i5 machines with at least 8GB of DDR3, a 250GB SSD, & a Nvidia 750ti for under $300 with a copy of Windows 10 & I’m sure that’ll get some interest. Profit for me on something like that is also very small, but I like helping gamers out & you can’t really charge too much more or people won’t buy or it’ll just sell a lot slower where potentially you need to lower the price anyway. Total investment on these machines varies, but I can still sell them for under $300.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll try to remember more of what I am doing & post about it. I know I left some months behind & there were a couple of inconsequential posts lost when I took the site down to battle the bots, but now that’s resolved & moving forward you’ll hear more from me.

By the way, I am playing EverQuest again, gearing up for a push with my SK & Rogue, & also there’s a new season of Fortnite! As you may know, I quit making Fortnite videos, but I did not forget about some of my EverQuest project videos. I have done a few & they’re usually only up temporarily but if I make a more permanent video I’ll let you know.