I’ve Been Doing Random Things

To get out and stay active, other than the gym, I have been going around buying books & DVDs, doing laundry, walking around stores & just having a good time. I also keep finding bicentennial quarters.

I saw this at the book store & there was a time I would have bought this instantly & put it together.

One of my tables in my workshop.

I found these at a Goodwill store for $1.99 each. I collect sealed DVDs & will post more of my collection later. However, the best of John Belushi wasn’t sealed, which is even better actually because I hadn’t seen it, although I have seen most of the sketches in it. I have however, seen Minority Report, which went into the collection.

I didn’t buy this, but I stopped back at this Goodwill a couple days later, & someone did.

Another $1.99 pickup. Bob always reminds me of Chris Farley. I don’t know what he would think of that, his fans always thinking of Chris, but Bob is a legend in his own right. Without Bob, I don’t think Chris Farley would have had the success he had. Bob helped Chris Farley create his Matt Foley character & did a lot more than that.

Here are some of the movies in my sealed DVD collection. I have a lot more, when I get to it, I’ll post some photos.

This is really well done, a lot higher quality than I expected. Another $1.99 pickup.

Shopping for more Nikes. I need some blue ones & I found a pair I like, I may buy them tomorrow or tonight, still mulling it over.

Here I am the day before my most recent haircut. Man, I look exhausted here. I felt tired. Some motherboards in the background, sealed and new. Gino picked up a 12th gen & z690 last week.

I Drew This

When I was a kid, I drew this Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles on this artillery gun. I actually had this toy as a kid. I drew others, but I liked this one the most. I remember the day I drew it, & I did have some help from this girl I knew, but I even surprised myself. I just had this imagine in my mind from the previous day & while it isn’t incredible, it was good for my skill level.


I had this idea, how fast could I make an Elvis sandwich?

So here’s what I came up with. Soft organic bananas from Target, fully cooked Hormel bacon, Smucker’s chunky peanut butter which is among my favorite peanut butter on the commercial market, & some random everything bagels I found at the grocery store. I had never tried these particular bagels, but they ended up being fairly decent.

So here is the final result. I thought to toast the bagels but then I thought, well, I have a toaster oven. So, I heated up the bacon in the toaster oven, used a paper towel to remove some of the grease, toasted the bread inside, & the bananas got even softer & the peanut butter melted perfectly. I made a few of these during the week & they were delicious. Also, it’s a very fast process. Having the fully cooked bacon ready to go really sped things up.

I’m a sucker for everything bagels, but if you want to try this out, just use your favorite bread. I also thought about buying my favorite bread, and then using everything bagel seasoning. While this is not traditional for an Elvis sandwich, I found it really enhanced the flavor. There are some other things you can put on this, including honey and jelly. I did put honey on a couple of them, which was in fact Jamie’s cinnamon honey. I recently bought some Manuka Honey & check out the price on it! $35.99 USD! It’s from New Zealand.

Raising Cane’s

Panda Express

I did try Coca-Cola Starlight the first day it was available & yes, it does taste like Cotton Candy.

Dino’s here in the Twin Cities, you can customize your Gyro, however you want it, kind of like a Subway.

Fixed Some Computers

Installed an SSD on this guy’s PC since he was having issues & asked specifically for an SSD upgrade to his All-In-One Dell.

So, this was a pre-built that he received & it arrived damaged, the person who built it bent the CPU pins. I fixed the pins & got the machine working great.

This laptop had some issues with heat and the battery. It’s now resolved.

I was brought this machine & he needed a new SSD & his graphics card needed a new fan so I did all that & he’s happy with the upgrade.

So this machine wasn’t running correctly & it needed a bios update & software clean-up & yeah new drivers & now it runs perfectly.

These are just some of the many machines I worked on since the last update.

I’ve been fixing a lot of laptops actually. Some Macs, some Dell, some Acer, some HP, it’s just one after another & I am glad to help these people because I know how important it is for them, no matter their reason for having the machine.

I replaced the battery in this Mac & it also now dual boots Catalina & Windows 10.

Thanks for stopping by.