Consumer Addiction

I am a bit addicted to consumerism. Almost as much as I am to sugar.

I was called into an office building to do some work, it went fast, but I took a photo on my way out.

I don’t normally do anything for Halloween, but I remember I bought this mask for a party in Chicago back in 2019, so I wore it briefly to take this photo.

Excuse my hair, I had a NES hat on the entire day.

Here’s kind of a secret game room in Minneapolis. It’s open to the public, but only some people know about it.

Speaking of NES games, these were sold overseas. I picked this up years ago, along with so many other games. I kind of lost track of all the games I’ve owned over the years, but, in the last few years I’ve cut down on them dramatically.

As some of you know, I am in Pat’s book, the Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library.

This is actually a Jackie Chan game titled Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu.

I recently picked up some more Famicom games, replacing a copy of SMB3 I sold awhile back & picking up Super Mario USA aka Super Mario 2 (in the U.S.) for the first time on Famicom. Of course I’ve owned the game since I was a kid & beat it when I was 7 years old. I bought this bundle from a Japanese vendor & it included SMB1, SMB2 USA, & SMB3. I’ll clean up SMB3 a bit & put it in my Famicom collection.

Check out this cheddar burger! Honestly, Culver’s hadn’t given me a good burger in awhile, so this one came out of nowhere.

I still have this hacky my friend gave me in the 90s. I used to keep everything but I lost a lot when my family raided my storage unit while I was in Hawaii.

Now look what a water company built. If you don’t know, Vivendi owns UMG which distributes Def Jam. Vivendi evolved from a water company founded by Napoleon III of France.
& now look at what tobacco money built – of course the Wilfs who are fraudsters according to the State of New Jersey, will reap all the rewards

Random blog thoughts, yes, we developed an online game titled Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in the 90s. I sent an idea for a TV show many years ago based on that game. I also submitted ideas such as Lower Decks & Captain Worf. However, they’ve made it clear that they want nothing to do with me. Rod Roddenberry said to me one day, why can’t you just be a fan? I’ve stopped speaking to him after that. Aron Eisenberg & I remained friends until he passed away. I remember when Aron showed me his script for the final episode of DS9. Everyone signed it. He was well-liked.

Look at the price on this TV! 65″ for $398! Anyways, I don’t even own a TV nor do I watch TV, but that seemed pretty good to me.

I bought some socks & these VW T1 toys. Typically I keep toys like that in the box & sell them later when the price goes up. It just depends. I had a lot of success with these particular toys. For example, I bought a Toyota truck from Back to the Future & sold it later for hundreds of dollars. Typically I buy stuff with some kind of following, such as Coca-Cola.

Ash recently made it into Fortnite!

I was going to write more in this post, but my host is having issues today. I’ll be back with more at a later date.

bought a case, not bad

I Drew This

When I was a kid, I drew this Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles on this artillery gun. I actually had this toy as a kid. I drew others, but I liked this one the most. I remember the day I drew it, & I did have some help from this girl I knew, but I even surprised myself. I just had this imagine in my mind from the previous day & while it isn’t incredible, it was good for my skill level.

Christmas in July at the Mall of America

Also a customer came in with some gifts for me, he said it was a tip for fixing his daughter’s laptop.

A guy came in with his first PC build & was having trouble, he couldn’t get it to work & so I fixed it for him. The build was good, he was having software issues.

There was a stage & a much bigger display of Christmas trees deeper in the mall, as well as additional nutcrackers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I have always found it interesting that some people knew TMNT as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Well, they are heroes and they are ninjas. Anyway, I took some photos of these Ninja Turtle Action Figures which were found in a storage unit! I think these are in great shape and personally I bought Leonardo. Here are the rest and I hope you enjoy this franchise as much as I do.

It’s really rare to find these without the hanger tab punched.
I had this exact one when I was a kid.
This one got a little crunched.
I wanted to buy them all but he wanted so much and so the reality is that this friend of mine owed me some money anyway so I was able to skate away with Leonardo.
This is so cool to see because I also had Ace Duck and almost right away lost his gear. Impossible to lose if the item is sealed.
The Rat King. I didn’t own it but I knew a kid who did but why would you want to use the Rat King anyway? I like the colors here.
I wanted to make a deal for this one here but I wasn’t trying to buy a bunch of sealed action figures anyway, I am just saying, it was tempting and this is an excellent example of what you would want to buy if you are collecting a lot of sealed action figures.
This is a unique one and again one I would not have asked for as a kid, but look at those weapons! Although I remember having some of the variant Ninja Turtles, I would have put one of those guns on one of the variant Turtles.
I believe this is the last one I took photos of, he did have more and a lot of other sealed items. Still, we were pressed for time and I was not interested in making another deal and he knew that. If I find any other photos I’ll post them.

If you have any submissions, whether that be written, images, or video, we already accept content via Facebook but soon we will start accepting content here on the website. We are looking for photos of rare items, action figures, video games, as well as outstanding game play, exploits in retro games, collectibles in general, things of this nature.

Hot Wheels®

Hot Wheels® has made a lot of 1987 Toyota Pickup trucks, but this one, this one is sought after. I bought it years ago and was going to open it until I saw the price on eBay. While mine is not in the best condition due to poor storage conditions, the item is still sealed. Personally, and I know a lot of people share this opinion, Back to the Future is one of my favorite films. This certainly has caused the value of this collectible to rise but what’s also interesting is that this actual vehicle is also at a premium and difficult to come by because of the movie.