Fortnite – Season 3 Map

The new season is here & of course I won a squad game solo by my third match. I probably would have done it sooner but I was exploring the map. Check out some of my wins that I posted above. I have a few notes regarding the new season. First of all, there are now sharks. Also, whirlpools can launch you into the air. Camp Cod is underwater. Also, fires can now burn you. In addition to that, they nerfed the burst rifle. There’s a lot more changes, including stackable mushrooms and food. They vaulted the pump & brought back the P90.

Fortnite 6-15-2020

I didn’t notice this but when I updated OBS it turned off the enhanced encoder. I’ve turned it back on & we’ll see if the stream quality improves. I had been thinking it was just because of all the people on Twitch lately but no, when OBS updated it capped my bit rate again & to go beyond that I had to manually enable the encoder. Fortunately it’s not too bad & in the future I hope to have even better streams. I know some people want me to enable my webcam & also use my microphone more often, but we’ll see how it goes.