Fortnite 3-31-2020 Part 2

I was toggling some of the options here just to see what Maya might look like by the time everything is done.
I haven’t played too many of these but won another.
This was a solo win where my helicopter was shot down but I managed to minigun him at the end.
I recently picked up this outfit so I had to go get a win with it. You get V-Bucks for completing daily challenges when you own this outfit.

3-31-2020 Update

I’m still here & for more frequent updates check my Youtube & Twitch! I modified this cartoon & changed GoldenEye to Fortnite. Also, I am switching Youtube pages so for now you can see all my old videos through the link above & in the future I’ll update the link but until there is more content I’ll leave that old link & just post the new videos here & to get there you can use the video link. The Twitch videos will remain as long as Twitch leaves them up, but they usually remove them after so many days.
As of this morning, this is my most recent win. I won this game with Gavin & Dillon late yesterday.
This is a trio squad win I had yesterday.
This is one of two wins I had with Oro.
This was a pickup squad where I was fighting alongside the other two remaining players & they bailed on me but we still got the win.


I redeemed some V-Bucks & then spent them & there was an issue where it charged me double. Fortnite has denied that it charged me double & has no explanation for the V-Buck discrepancy. I did make some more videos & will post them eventually, with one of them available now on Youtube & Twitch. However, I am about to start a new game & hopefully next month I will be involved in a beta. I’ll post again, just know that the primary reason I am taking a break from Fortnite right now is poor customer service. I can’t really complain too much about the game, it’s been fun & I did really well last season.