NFL Cards & MLB Cards

Recently I started going through some of the cards I had and I opened another box of cards so I decided to buy another sealed box so tonight I bought this 1991 Fleer box with 36 packs.

Yesterday I bought this box,

& this should have a Michael Jordan rookie card in it.. I hope… yes this is the first year that Jordan played baseball

The box I opened had a couple Michael Irvin rookies in it.

It also had this Cris Carter card, which I already own, as well as this Joe Montana card, which I also already own.

Chick-fil-A cost me this much..

because of the lettuce I added… the rest was free because of my rewards.. I am currently red status but I am headed towards signature status and expect to hit it by this summer

I have my eye on some other boxes & I am sure I’ll buy another couple soon. I had been doing that before my trip to Vegas & I think it’ll be fun to start it up again. I plan to buy soft sleeves & soft sleeve everything I intend to sell individually & then also topload anything worth more than about $5.

I had just been using hard plastic toploaders but they can be rough on the cards and adding the extra soft sleeve will help. I have a bulk amount of cards I will sell after I decide what I am keeping for my collection & what I am selling.

Check out these Deion rookies I pulled from some packs awhile back!

These cards have recently been going up in value & I want more & I also want to try to pull one of his MLB rookies. In fact, I am going to look for a box later tonight.

I went to Pawn America & I sold an extra Sega Dreamcast I had acquired from another deal & I also sold one of those sealed Ninja Turtles from a much earlier post. They gave me a great price because I do a lot of business with them, buying and selling, and I have for over a decade. I am a long-term customer & Pawn America began to recognize that only recently by basically outright saying it and beginning to offer me more for my stuff when I bring it in. I know they do not do this with everyone and I appreciate that they are taking the effort. That being said, it isn’t entirely me. It has to do with the products! For example, the Leonardo, I bought that from an old friend & he had it since it was in the store. I then knew that this guy at Pawn America likes to grade items & will take the time and effort to do that and I knew that this item fit that criteria. He will make more on this Ninja Turtle than the average seller because he will get it graded. I do not want to take the time but he will. I am certain you understand my logic. The Dreamcast he gave me $10 over what I paid & that was fine because when I bought the Dreamcast initially it had a lot more stuff with it & I had already sold those things to get Krion Conquest for the NES. This means, not only did I get Krion Conquest out of the deal, I made $10. I did this through the retro gaming network of people, it wasn’t all in one shot, nor all at one location.

He then sold me Double Dragon II for $5.

I decided to take a shot in the dark and pick up Sin City along with Double Dragon II.

Pawn America used to sell me their NES games that they kept in the back. Even as late as 2017 I’d go in and they’d tell me about some box of NES games they had and I literally bought well over a thousand NES games from Pawn America over the years. It’s way down, they still get NES games, but not like they used to. What people don’t understand is the time and the feeling behind the item & the loyalty to the business and I have an MBA & do a lot of B2B & understand the wholesale market. They knew every time I came in, I would buy numerous NES games if they showed them to me & so they would do that instead of shelving them at several locations.

Besides sports cards, I started opening some MTG cards. I used to play MTG back in the day. When it was classic, in fact, type 1, in tournament play, I damaged my own beta Time Walk. It got flipped around in the shuffle and I nicked the top of the card right in the center. This card, pictured below, is from the new packs, & I sold it a couple days after I pulled it for $40. I actually got a bit more than $40 because I also got five blue tooth keyboards with it.

My new friend Travis gave me these two cards!! One is Pete Rose, obviously, one of the greats, he should be in the Hall of Fame. It is a crime that people are so hypocritical, forget the topic of baseball for a moment, let’s just talk about how hypocritical people are. The second card, is a Pokemon error card worth, who knows, depending on the grade. It could end up being worth thousands according to my 10 year old friend who I told when I got the card as a gift.

I pulled these two rookies out of packs, I actually only got one Favre card & it was damaged & scratched straight out of the pack, but I did end up with a couple Aikman rookies and they were gem quality.

I’ve been getting some Fortnite wins, despite being back on PC & running into some pretty sweaty lobbies. I do need my gaming monitor though & definitely notice the difference on this regular monitor. I am setting up at a new office in Minneapolis & I am waiting on furniture & I have things to move still, but eventually I’ll get the other monitors setup & I may even buy another computer or two because I want to get back into farming in EverQuest.

You can check out some of my new gameplay & pack opening videos on Twitch.

My new friend Travis sold me this Nolan Ryan card, which is one of many Nolan Ryan cards I’ve thought about and / or tried to buy over the years. He gave me a great deal bundled in with a lot of other cards. I spent $5 for everything.

Some people here in Minnesota & elsewhere wouldn’t like this card but I think it’s bomb. Also, Sharper was a staple, he was an issue for Minnesota every year when they had to play against him twice a year & almost as if by karma he then went to Minnesota & was a staple in their defense for years before moving on to the Saints for another great ride & I just like how the purple accents this card.

Here is one of the boxes I opened recently. I could have sold this for $50 or more & down the road this will be worth hundreds, if not more. Too late now, I opened it!!

As I prepare this new office, I want to remember some of my old offices, but I didn’t really like to take too many photos back then. I was really strange about photos, I think it was because my Grandmother & others were always wanting to photograph me as a kid and a teenager so when I got into my 20s I asked them to stop & they did. Due to that, there is this gap, from 19 to about 29 where there are very few photos of me. However, photos do exist, as well as video.

In this photo I am about 36. This was in my office not before this office, but the office before that office. I had my first cubicle at 15 and then I got my own workspace which was several thousand square feet. I like how burnt my nose is in this photo, you know, I was so busy that year, writing a new business plan, doing finance for people, working, finishing my MBA, it was a lot.

Truth is, people will pull you in every direction. It’s better to just do what you want to do & when things change, react accordingly.

Here is the latest video I edited. Spoiler alert, I win. Also, to give you an idea of how far behind I am on videos, this is from the Super Bowl.

If you want newer content, check my stream, some bangers there.

At the Office

So I leased an office to do various things in. It’s located downtown Minneapolis on Washington Ave near the warehouse district. I won my first game from the office but since then I’ve been playing arena and coming up a bit short. I’ll likely be reducing my Fortnite playtime anyway, in favor of new games. I spent over a year playing and it has been a lot of fun & I don’t think I’ll quit anytime soon, but there are so many games out there & I also want to get back into playing 8-bit & 16-bit games & may start streaming that as well. More updates to come, perhaps some videos.