This is an old screenshot of Joe & I from when we killed Lord Bob together in Velks. https://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/npc.html?id=6060

Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar is the mob’s name, but people call him Lord Bob.

It was a fun fight & I basically just kept healing Joe throughout the fight with my cleric. The file says June 2006 but I’m sure it’s even older than that, because this has been moved a few times over the years & my character is wearing a Fungi tunic. It was a great day. Going there was Joe’s idea & he had told me he could almost solo him but needed some heals so I went ahead and backed him up & it’s still one of my favorite EQ memories. Of course now I can just one shot the mob. I remember one day I purged a lot of EverQuest screenshots not even really thinking about it and I probably should have saved them. Either way, I’ve been playing this game for twenty years so there are a lot of forgotten events. Actually, based on that shield I’m wearing it probably was 2006. I’ll check into that later.

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