Not My First Screenshot

This is when I defeated the Storm King. Back when I was still just KevinSmith420. I still use that umbrella. This is so early in my career & those are just the guns I kept finding.

Here’s an uncut screenshot from that duos win with Dillon.

The WWE Championship is now in Fortnite. I wrote a thread about it in the WWE Wrestling Section on the forum.

As you can see over the years I changed screens and resolutions. I have thought about going back to the ultrawide & 1440p resolutions over 1080 as sometimes there is quite an advantage to 1440p but that’s not what they’re using in arena.

New Videos

I changed Ruthless Kevin’s name again. Also, I uploaded a new video. I did make several other videos but only decided to upload this one. However, I am in the process of uploading a solo win from today & I also had a solo squad win the other day. I’m still somewhat bored with Fortnite & I’ve been playing GTA, EverQuest, & Super Mario Brothers again more often. I’ll be honest, I enjoy a lot of games & was even playing some Texas Hold ’em earlier this month.

I needed to do some work with my car IRL. I got it done but I’ll need to continue doing more work & I want to eventually get to my other car. Additionally, I’ve had quite a few new customers & various work lately. I also have a lot of recent pickups that I added to my sealed DVD collection. I have a long list of things to do, I’m just going to keep at it while trying to get as much time in gaming between activities.

More Site Downtime

Hello again!

This time it was not me or bots or as what has occurred in the past, hackers, taking my site down. No, this time it was my host. They migrated servers & caused an issue.

It’s resolved & it wasn’t down too long. I’ll be back with some posts.

I’ve had some great arena, duo, & trios wins lately as well as some solo wins in Fortnite.

I also played some P99 & EverQuest Live as well as GTA.

I wanted to take a moment and again remember General Adamson Tannehill, Revolutionary War Hero, General in the War of 1812, friend of George Washington, and all-around great American.

A Real American Hero Part 2

“You can’t handle the pain of not knowing.” – Sean Combs

People, including my father, have asked me how I know what I know. As Tyrion once said, I drink & I know things. Regardless of how I know, one day in Texas, I needed some blood, I was maybe 7 years old & I needed blood during an operation which would save my life. That blood came from a Texan. I don’t want to imply that I know specifically which, but, what I will say, is that George H. W. Bush could have chosen to die anywhere, and he chose Houston. Houston saved my life in the 80’s.

The first President I knew of was Ronald Reagan. I have said that he was my first President & he was & for me, he was the cornerstone of the 80’s.

By the end of 89, we were off to Wisconsin, leaving Texas behind. I have since returned multiple times, most recently, I was at the Alamo in an ice storm.

Ted Cruz ran to the beach. I’ve spent some time on the beaches in Hawaii & if you gave me a choice where to be, the beach in Hawaii, or at the Alamo in an ice storm, well, you should probably already know the answer to that question.

A Real American Hero

I remember back in 2019 when I began playing Fortnite someone asked me about my favorite action figure. I told them, the Sgt. Slaughter that can remove his hat. I told a story one time about playing G.I. Joes in the dirt in Texas in the 80s with a neighbor friend & he says you know bang bang your guy is dead & I said, no, you don’t understand, this is Sgt. Slaughter, and then I pop his hat off, you only got his hat, bang bang, now you’re dead.

& if memory serves we didn’t actually say bang bang, it was more of a schu schu schu schu schu sound haha