Updated Logo

It’s getting there.

I am happy with the progress. To get it to this point was about $100. I feel like that’s a bargain.

There was another version I don’t plan to use, which made it look more like a shield but I didn’t care for it. I went ahead and had it done in gold, since the artist preferred the gold over the emerald and silver. However, potentially in the future I will have those enhanced as well.

Here is the un-looped version.

New Logo, Banners, & Artwork

I have a new logo in the works, as well as banners & artwork.

Here is an alpha sample of my forthcoming logo.

I received another Astros hat, this one is a Superman crossover. I also picked up a gray one at Lids in the Mall of America back on the day of my previous post, just hadn’t posted about it.

Also, Gino’s new cryptocurrency machine showed up today!

I ordered this, it smells alright, I’ll probably try another brand later, & I had a few others from this brand in mind I plan to get, I’ll keep you posted.

Right now my logo is being animated & worked on, I hope in the future to have that animation plus a complete shimmering logo. We’ll see how it goes.

Here is a previous logo I had done based off a drawing Rana did for me years ago.

Also this cartoon was made of me, but I’m not a fan of it. It clearly doesn’t capture my chin & also the eyeglass makes it look like I have lashes.

Guns N’ Roses

I now regret that I cut my hair before doing this hairdo. haha

I installed this 2080 Super today.

I also received some Fortnite gifts!

The kids who are friendly are the best part of the game.

I didn’t bother to finish this, I couldn’t put up with going in there so many times.

“I’m no leader. I do what I have to do. Sometimes, people come with me.” – Edgar Friendly

I had a wonderful dinner this evening consisting of fish, broccoli, a bread roll, & some French fries.

Christmas in July at the Mall of America

Also a customer came in with some gifts for me, he said it was a tip for fixing his daughter’s laptop.

A guy came in with his first PC build & was having trouble, he couldn’t get it to work & so I fixed it for him. The build was good, he was having software issues.

There was a stage & a much bigger display of Christmas trees deeper in the mall, as well as additional nutcrackers.