Random Update

I received my new furniture yesterday!

The office is looking better and getting more organized.

I am selling more items & also buying some new things.

I am getting the cards organized.

I wish I did take some photos of what I sold but I did sell an SNES I had, as well as a 40″ Sony TV & a white PS1 as well as the PS3 fat boys, and a Sega & games. I also sold some Gamecube, Wii U, SNES, and NES games. I’m narrowing my systems and games & branching out into new things. I am considering buying a couple arcade boards.

There’s a lot going on, I would like to document it all, but it’s a trade off, for time; I also have some videos I want to make from Fortnite gameplay.

I played some EverQuest & got over 70 viewers. However, only one of the 70+ viewers messaged me & only one of the 70+ viewers followed. I’ll keep experimenting with different streams & games. Currently I am playing DayZ, Fortnite, Madden, Red Dead, GTA V, EverQuest, & EQ 2, as well as various retro games.

So I traded this game here

For $100 cash and some other games & cards.

Here is some of what I got.

these cleaned up nicely when I got back to the office

I found out this game, Tomba!, had gone up in value already & appears poised for another jump!

That copy of Hagane could be worth up to, let’s say, $1200, but I really only valued it at about $400 & I only paid about $130 for it. I typically like selling Hagane wholesale to retailers & rarely to private collectors, at least, these days, because private collectors are sometimes resellers in disguise & if I am going to deal with a reseller, I might as well go to an established reseller who doesn’t attempt to hide their intentions. We agreed on $100 cash & $317 store credit, & after checking what I received, the Force of Will & Tomba! were really great deals, in fact, everything I bought it sells for more, elsewhere.

I still need to sort through cards.

Here are some of the cards I’m messing with,

Also, that is my unorganized office with new furniture. (finally)

The plan is to do the walls with movie posters.

I had some packs show up! The rest will be here Monday. Also, all the plastics arrived. I should be able to finish selling everything off by the end of the summer and be down to just the things I want to keep for my own entertainment. I know that I will never truly be out from under all the stuff I have. The video below is George Carlin talking about stuff.

I pulled this from a pack.

I did get a decent Bo Jackson card out of these packs, but not much more.

I’m selling some other games.

I know eventually I’ll sell it. That one damaged Famicom game, I actually bought that from a guy on eBay who was trying to get too much for the game but I bought it anyway on accident late one night & just said.. whatever

ah this is just a partial update.. a lot more going on in the stream but I won’t be saving most of that.. see ya in game!


I found some great cards, including two Brett Favre rookie cards.

I have more packs coming today, this time some MLB packs.

There is a video up where I open all of the packs on twitch. I am far behind on video editing, I have more videos to edit from Fortnite and I may make a pack opening video if I have enough videos saved because I don’t keep track of the videos all the time and they end up lost but we’ll see if I can get a few boxes edited down to a few minutes.

Congratulations to the latest winners!

I started doing giveaways again & now I feel like I need to keep track of everything I am giving away. I have been giving away items in Fortnite now for over a year and a half so it’s probably a good idea..

Today’s winner was Topher, receiving the Batman pick axe.

Yesterday’s winner was Dillon, receiving the Batman glider.

Two days ago Austin won the Harley Quinn skin.

As soon as I see him, Alex is the next winner, receiving also the Harley Quinn skin.

I will keep you updated on future giveaways & winners!

By the way, here is a win I had with Dillon & some other kids the other day.