Fortnite & Computers

I had this fun solo win last night. I have some other videos from wins I had in the previous weeks which are still being edited. I’ll post those later.

As always, if you can’t view a certain video, you need access.

I picked up this awesome MacBook Pro the other day.

I put the latest operating system on it. It’s called Monterey.

I’m really happy to have this. Additionally, I am about to modify my 21.5″ All-in-One iMac with the best possible hardware. It already has 32GB of ram, & will soon have three operating systems, a Nvidia graphics card, & the most powerful i7 it can handle. I will do that soon as I have all the equipment ready as well as some copper heatsinks for the video memory. I’ll post on the progress.

Another gaming computer came in & I quickly diagnosed this & had it back to the original owner the same day. His ADATA SSD failed. Never buy an ADATA SSD! Those drives fail faster than an old eMachine! Anyway, I put in a new SSD & reinstalled windows & he was off.

I just sold one of my All-in-Ones to a guy & he was so excited, I gave him a great deal, $150 with the box & everything! This is about what I paid for it, I don’t even know why, but he seemed worthy.

Cards in Stock!

We have some video cards for sale.

I’m still trying to find one for myself. I of course want an Asus graphics card to match my mainboard.

For my 40th birthday I bought myself a skateboard. I may get an electric skateboard later for use next summer if I do alright at the indoor skate park. I want to feel confident on a board again before I get on one that can go 25Mph.

Not that long ago Gino built this gaming computer for a kid named Eric. Eric’s dad brought it in because the kid had gotten it infected. Gino fixed it & I did some minor work on it as well. The Zotac card is not from Gino’s build, the kid had that put in from his old computer. Basically, the kid thinks he knows everything but obviously couldn’t fix the computer himself. It was frightening to hear Eric on the phone with his father because Eric was so emotional & did not seem to appreciate this computer at all. It has an i9 & a lot of other great features.

I was also at the gym again a couple times this week & plan to go again tomorrow. I am trying to watch my diet but I had a cheat meal yesterday, most of a pizza from Little Caesars, but I am also increasing my supplement intake & getting a lot of exercise.

I will update the website again soon with some new features. I am still working on the business card & haven’t started to use it, I plan to modify it & of course get more art up on the website, including that sweet new logo I had made.

I also had this made recently from an old authentic pirate flag. A kid from Indonesia sketched it from the original photo.

Fixed a kid’s gaming laptop

Today a student and his father came in with a broken laptop. He said that his son was using it & it kept automatically shutting down. The son confirmed the story & I told them I’d call them back.

After using the laptop for almost an hour, it did what they said.

I then thought it might be a few things, so I took it apart. I had wanted to immediately update the bios, but I wanted to make sure the machine staid running before I did that. I replaced the thermal compound, after cleaning off the old compound, for both the GPU & CPU. I inspected the battery & found that it was fine & then booted the machine back up.

After updating the bios & replacing the compound, the machine ran fine. Prior to the update, it was automatically shutting down at 55 degree Celsius. This is far too low. It now operates correctly & the sensors are reading accurately. I then cleaned the system up, removing AVG & fixing his web browsers. I removed nearly 700 pieces of malware & optimized his machine for gaming, fixing things like notifications, privacy, background apps, & start-up programs.

The other technician working thought the mainboard was probably bad but I knew I could fix it so I did.

We had one of these left & someone bought it today! We also now have EVGA 3070s for $1099.99. This is still high in my book, but it’s the best we can do right now & that still beats eBay currently.