DayZ 2-19-2020

I decided to play a bit of DayZ. If you have played DayZ then you know that passing out & the screen turning black usually gets you killed.
In this situation I was lucky, having defeated not one, but two zombies with my bare hands. When I awoke I crawled into this cabin I had been staying in earlier.
You could try standing, but the odds of you passing out again are certain. You want to recover first.
It all started out a simple enough day as I made my way to church.
I did make it to church.
Unfortunately the priest had turned & I had to beat him to death.
Ironically, I only had this apple left to eat.
While eating the apple, I nearly fell down these rocks. A less experienced player could have died.
It wouldn’t have been a problem, but on my way back to my cabin I ran into another zombie. He wasn’t as tough as the Priest, but definitely wore my character out.
By the time I made it back to my cabin, I was crawling inside & passing out short of the bed.
As of this post my character still has yet to recover. He is still fatigued, cold, & injured. He will require food & a fire soon. I also need to craft some bandages.