I win three games in a row on my live stream with three strangers.

I played this on my laptop so it’s only captured in 720p, sorry. I just didn’t update the settings at the time but going forward I am going to try to have even higher quality videos like I used to. I have many videos left to edit including squad and arena wins.

Upgrades & Repairs

I have seven new Fortnite wins / videos on the way! The EverQuest Bard Epic video is also still in the works & I still plan to release additional EverQuest Epic Quest videos. Jesse will be joining me on some of that.

This case must be fairly common, I keep seeing it.

I had to clean this one a lot as it had dog hair and other dirt and dust inside. I also had to replace several mounting brackets & all of the mounting screws since he only used four screws & they were the wrong size, hence the need for replacing the brackets. Afterward I updated the bios, windows, and all of the drivers. It now runs Apex perfectly & he added me in Fortnite.

Here’s a photo of one of my machines running.

I was at a pawn shop & they had a complete copy of Jackal for sale! I didn’t buy it but not a bad price for retail at $80. To be honest I was surprised to see it.

Guess what! I got a new office to replace my office in Minneapolis. I will be working out of multiple locations. I’ll give you an update on that in the future.

I did a liquid cooling replacement for a customer. His liquid cooling had failed, the pump had gone out, so I installed this for him & that solved his issue with it overheating and shutting down.

Below is an image of a machine that was also overheating from liquid cooling. The customer did not want to spend the money to replace the liquid cooling, so I installed air cooling for him & that solved his issue.

I did not take a photo of it after I fixed it, but it now has a similar cooler to the one in my machine from above.

Another guy came in & he needed his bios updated from F2 all the way to 63D, which is a lot of updates, but I got it done. I had to flash it numerous times because that’s what the manufacturer recommended.

It’s now running great & I’m actually returning this to him on Monday just to be sure, I’m running some additional tests.

Look out for those videos next week! I will be moving into my new office & getting things settled but I hope to post at least a few wins by Sunday evening.

That’s about it for this update, a lot more happened, but this was fun. Time for supper & some drinks.

Another Win

I had some Arena wins but here is an early season win with Leaf & Topher.

I did not play well yesterday & I decided to get a lot of sleep today & I’m hoping to play better this evening & Sunday. There were several games we came in 2nd I feel like I could have won if I had hit my shots. I am going to make an adjustment & also play some games on my new laptop.

Future Videos

I have a forthcoming set of EverQuest videos. These videos will involve various quests which are considered to be among the best quests to complete for each class. I also have a Fortnite video on the way soon where Topher, Private Leaf, & I win a squad game.

I was also on checking my GTA account.

It had me thinking, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve checked some of my accounts, including my Star Wars accounts, my Star Trek accounts, and my DC Universe account. I was on EverQuest 2 months ago but I may put that on the list of things to do, make sure I still have access to all or most of my accounts. I also have checked my Red Dead Redemption 2 account or my other Fortnite accounts in awhile.

I actually check my EverQuest accounts monthly.

I am also rebuilding my machine, yet again, into a new case. This time it is an all aluminum case with an RGB setup. I also purchased a 3080TI & I’ll talk more about that later. There are some Macbook I am preparing & perhaps there will be another sale this evening. I have a 2020 Macbook coming as well as two more 2012 Macbooks. I am getting a Dell tough book ready as well for sale & I may upgrade the Lenovo to have more ram & swap some hard drives to entice some sales but I need to run some numbers first to make sure I can at least break even on that with the Lenovo.

I got on DayZ & died pretty quickly. I played the first-person only mode & went to an official server. It was tough, there was very little loot, & I couldn’t find a weapon.