Future Videos

I have a forthcoming set of EverQuest videos. These videos will involve various quests which are considered to be among the best quests to complete for each class. I also have a Fortnite video on the way soon where Topher, Private Leaf, & I win a squad game.

I was also on checking my GTA account.

It had me thinking, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve checked some of my accounts, including my Star Wars accounts, my Star Trek accounts, and my DC Universe account. I was on EverQuest 2 months ago but I may put that on the list of things to do, make sure I still have access to all or most of my accounts. I also have checked my Red Dead Redemption 2 account or my other Fortnite accounts in awhile.

I actually check my EverQuest accounts monthly.

I am also rebuilding my machine, yet again, into a new case. This time it is an all aluminum case with an RGB setup. I also purchased a 3080TI & I’ll talk more about that later. There are some Macbook I am preparing & perhaps there will be another sale this evening. I have a 2020 Macbook coming as well as two more 2012 Macbooks. I am getting a Dell tough book ready as well for sale & I may upgrade the Lenovo to have more ram & swap some hard drives to entice some sales but I need to run some numbers first to make sure I can at least break even on that with the Lenovo.

I got on DayZ & died pretty quickly. I played the first-person only mode & went to an official server. It was tough, there was very little loot, & I couldn’t find a weapon.

Arena Wins

I had some wins, including a couple Arena solo wins.

I also fixed up a Macbook Pro I bought on eBay for cheap. I cleaned it up, did some minor upgrades, and put Catalina on it.

I’m pretty happy with the results.

There was a rumble I won with some kids that I also want to edit from about a month ago, I’ll get to that eventually & post it.

I also picked up some 2-in-1s, two of the ones pictured below, as well as a Lenovo & Samsung & some other laptops to fix, clean up, & resell. I also bought a 17″ Macbook Pro which is on the way.

I’m not sure if I mentioned I sold one of the iMacs & I am finally getting to the upgrade of my iMac.

I may post some photos of the Samsung later, I realize I don’t have any photos of it after I fixed it up.

Earlier this week at work I fixed a customer’s All-In-One Dell computer & another customer’s Macbook Air.

Cards in Stock!

We have some video cards for sale.

I’m still trying to find one for myself. I of course want an Asus graphics card to match my mainboard.

For my 40th birthday I bought myself a skateboard. I may get an electric skateboard later for use next summer if I do alright at the indoor skate park. I want to feel confident on a board again before I get on one that can go 25Mph.

Not that long ago Gino built this gaming computer for a kid named Eric. Eric’s dad brought it in because the kid had gotten it infected. Gino fixed it & I did some minor work on it as well. The Zotac card is not from Gino’s build, the kid had that put in from his old computer. Basically, the kid thinks he knows everything but obviously couldn’t fix the computer himself. It was frightening to hear Eric on the phone with his father because Eric was so emotional & did not seem to appreciate this computer at all. It has an i9 & a lot of other great features.

I was also at the gym again a couple times this week & plan to go again tomorrow. I am trying to watch my diet but I had a cheat meal yesterday, most of a pizza from Little Caesars, but I am also increasing my supplement intake & getting a lot of exercise.

I will update the website again soon with some new features. I am still working on the business card & haven’t started to use it, I plan to modify it & of course get more art up on the website, including that sweet new logo I had made.

I also had this made recently from an old authentic pirate flag. A kid from Indonesia sketched it from the original photo.