Not My First Screenshot

This is when I defeated the Storm King. Back when I was still just KevinSmith420. I still use that umbrella. This is so early in my career & those are just the guns I kept finding.

Here’s an uncut screenshot from that duos win with Dillon.

The WWE Championship is now in Fortnite. I wrote a thread about it in the WWE Wrestling Section on the forum.

As you can see over the years I changed screens and resolutions. I have thought about going back to the ultrawide & 1440p resolutions over 1080 as sometimes there is quite an advantage to 1440p but that’s not what they’re using in arena.

New Videos

I changed Ruthless Kevin’s name again. Also, I uploaded a new video. I did make several other videos but only decided to upload this one. However, I am in the process of uploading a solo win from today & I also had a solo squad win the other day. I’m still somewhat bored with Fortnite & I’ve been playing GTA, EverQuest, & Super Mario Brothers again more often. I’ll be honest, I enjoy a lot of games & was even playing some Texas Hold ’em earlier this month.

I needed to do some work with my car IRL. I got it done but I’ll need to continue doing more work & I want to eventually get to my other car. Additionally, I’ve had quite a few new customers & various work lately. I also have a lot of recent pickups that I added to my sealed DVD collection. I have a long list of things to do, I’m just going to keep at it while trying to get as much time in gaming between activities.