I went out for my Birthday

My 40th birthday was on the 8th. I played a bit of pinball at the pinball bar.

I played a few machines for over an hour and only spent about $5.

I would have played more but I didn’t have a ton of time and it was busy.

I would have posted sooner but I’ve been preparing my new office, working on my new car, and clearing out my storage units.

I was Gifted a Shirt

My now X got me this shirt but before you ask well why then did you break up with her, know that she paid for the shirt with my money & also she was going to trial for attempted murder. I actually ghosted her. The thing is, we had been friends since the summer when we met on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis. However, then one day I noticed she was calling me her boyfriend & saying this to pretty much everyone & I thought, shouldn’t I be consulted about this? Also, she kept spending my money & causing a lot of drama. I was concerned about the nature of the relationship so I literally ghosted her, I left her on University Ave at a hair salon.

I Bought An Old BMW

I bought a bit of a project BMW. This is a 2002 530i & I bought it in California. It’s been sitting in storage since I bought it & I’ll work on it sometime in the near future. It was formally a recertified BMW & when I drove the car, there were no warnings or service lights, all the sensors were good, & it ran really well. However, it needs to be cleaned & it needs now the recommended service for its current mileage. It also has some cosmetic stuff & I’ll likely change the tires. I have owned at least six of these 5-series BMWs over the years & it’s always a fun experience.