Clothes Shopping!

I know it is still a ways away, but I was preparing for winter by buying some sweaters & I also bought about 15 new pairs of dress pants & dress shirts.

Fortunately I know how to shop & at Kohl’s I saved myself over $500 dollars.

It should have been around $589 with tax, but instead it was under $50.

Between shoes & clothes, after all the shopping, I spent over $1000. It would have been a lot more if I didn’t know a few ways to save money.

This isn’t everything I got, but you get the idea. I’ll post some more later, along with some of my colognes, shoes, & other things.

Earlier I Fixed Some Computers

This girl’s mom came in with her gaming computer & asked me to find out the problem.

It was her SSD drive, it had failed, and was causing the machine to hang & not boot. In fact, they could not even get into the bios.

I sold her a Samsung 970 M.2 & installed it as well as windows.

I then proceeded to update the machine, make some changes to increase the speed of the computer, especially while she gamed, & installed the latest drivers for her chipset & graphics card.

I also updated her bios. I was able to get her the computer back the same day.

Someone hit my car..

So I was coming back to the office to drop off some cases of water when this woman ran a red light at over 60mph and totaled my BMW..

Fortunately I have another BMW and there were multiple witnesses, and she has insurance. I hope she’s okay but apparently she hit her head and had to be taken into the emergency room. I am okay, but she basically destroyed my car. Now I have to file a claim with her insurance company & figure out a way to get to my other BMW which is parked in storage over a hundred mile away.

I’m thankful for my friends & that she didn’t injure me. I went to a club afterward and met some Egyptian people who were very kind to me. They already knew what happened because Mostafa told them. It’s a complicated thing, but Minnesota has no fault in this state. That means that if I am injured, my insurance would pay, no matter who is at fault. Fortunately I am okay & I hope she has good insurance & that she recovers. She was going so fast her car didn’t stop until after the ambulance there. I was going slow, just crossing the intersection behind another car who was turning. The guy ahead of me ran over to check on me & was glad I was okay & he said to me, “She nearly hit me before she hit you!” I said I know I saw her run the red light. He & I talked about how if she had hit him while he was turning it would have been awful & someone probably would have died. Fortunately I was able to stop fast enough to only have her destroy my front end. She was going over 60mph easily, based on my experience, and ran the red light, hence why my entire front end is destroyed. Her SUV basically has damage from the front of her car down the side and she scraped through everything on my front end driving so fast.

Updated Logo

It’s getting there.

I am happy with the progress. To get it to this point was about $100. I feel like that’s a bargain.

There was another version I don’t plan to use, which made it look more like a shield but I didn’t care for it. I went ahead and had it done in gold, since the artist preferred the gold over the emerald and silver. However, potentially in the future I will have those enhanced as well.

Here is the un-looped version.

New Logo, Banners, & Artwork

I have a new logo in the works, as well as banners & artwork.

Here is an alpha sample of my forthcoming logo.

I received another Astros hat, this one is a Superman crossover. I also picked up a gray one at Lids in the Mall of America back on the day of my previous post, just hadn’t posted about it.

Also, Gino’s new cryptocurrency machine showed up today!

I ordered this, it smells alright, I’ll probably try another brand later, & I had a few others from this brand in mind I plan to get, I’ll keep you posted.

Right now my logo is being animated & worked on, I hope in the future to have that animation plus a complete shimmering logo. We’ll see how it goes.

Here is a previous logo I had done based off a drawing Rana did for me years ago.

Also this cartoon was made of me, but I’m not a fan of it. It clearly doesn’t capture my chin & also the eyeglass makes it look like I have lashes.