More Fortnite – Chapter 4 Season 1

you know what I realized after doing another edit.. my video editor after its last update defaulted back to 8000kbps & that’s what these latest videos are exported at.. I’ve been wondering about this but didn’t really look into it.. my captures are at 15000kbps+ so in the future I’m going to keep an eye on that because I want to maintain the video quality.. its okay but it’s not as good as I’d like it to be.. & I’m seeing that with some other videos too.. I’m not sure why the editor defaulted back to 8000kbps (which is typically stream quality) but when I capture at 15000kbps+ I’d prefer to share the videos at that quality too.. just a random thought as I move forward..

1 v 1 squad win here at the end.. the kid was kind of good, I chased him around a long time in this game..

I had a couple solo Division 5 arena wins with Han Solo.

I’ve also renewed this server contract for a year & I may look at renewing for longer at a later date as they’ve gotten a lot better over the years. When I first signed up with this host, I nearly left, & multiple times there were problems, but with my latest renewal, they’ve really done a lot to keep me signed up & I appreciate that.