Fortnite Gaming

As I’ve talked about many times on this blog, I have a lot of Fortnite wins that I have yet to edit or share. Since the new season has started, I’m not going to bother sharing last season’s wins that I didn’t finish editing in time. Also, funny, two of my best wins this season I did not even record!

Here is my latest arena solo win which got me my 10th victory crown. It actually says I only have 10 wins this season on Fortnite tracker, but I have more than that. Whatever, not a big deal. Fortnite tracker has some issues sometimes & isn’t always 100% accurate. Anyway, I had other solo, trios, and squad wins which I did record. I will possibly post those to Youtube in the near future.

As far as work goes, just fixing random machines, mostly gaming computers lately. I fixed a machine with a power supply issue, he had a 3080ti & his power supply was too small for it. Another machine received an upgrade to a 3070, & another needed a new fan in the power supply. I also replaced a power jack for a laptop & installed a new m.2 & Windows in another gaming computer.