Fortnite 12-29-2019

I won 22 games today. I didn’t play a lot yesterday because I went to bed early. I was tired after gaming so much. However, winning 22 games in a day is a new record for me.
I was stoked to hit level 350.
I got this win with a few trap kills. For some reason people were really hating my clown skin so I changed it after this game.
This suppressed rifle is such a great gun.
They put Crystal back in the item shop so that’s even more reason to play Aura, aka, my Ratchet Bitch.
I also got a win today with the Yule Trooper.
When John Wick wins, people don’t really seem that surprised. I hit someone with a lump of coal in this game.
Fish Wick wins again! I had a lot of fun playing this character & I am glad I purchased it.
It’s fun playing this character too. Aura is difficult to hit & has an interesting costume.
I literally won this game without ever leaving the storm. Yeah, sometimes I even amaze myself.
I hope they get another guitar rift in the item shop again soon.
The John Wick wins just sort of racked up again.
I didn’t really think about it but I tend to get really focused when I play John Wick. I say things such as, “I’m John Wick.”
I did experience some lag today, or really, a lot of latency. But I ordered a new Ethernet cable as well & I expect to run slightly better once I get that installed. I tried to win a few games with the E.L.F. but this is the only one I actually won.
These rumbles tend to get a little build crazy.
I suppose part of it too is that I don’t feel as much pressure playing John Wick since so many people appreciate this skin.
Haters gonna hate. There is no shortage of people trying to kill Aura.
I didn’t really notice how much time passed. This happens to me when I start bingeing on video games.
Max looks happy with this win. I have to admit, I was too, because I nearly hit my prestige mission elimination count.
I won a lot of games by basically building a giant fort & rallying everyone to it.
Fish Wick wins! I call him Fish Wick because this is the Fishstick skin with John Wick’s back bling. I won this duo with Max. We had to sneak through some cornfields but I had said I hoped it came down to us versus one guy & it did fortunately. Two duos fought it out at the edge of the storm only one player emerged & we were there to ambush him. I had him in a panic with my snowball launcher & Max eliminated him with a shotgun.
Max & I won a couple duos as well as some team rumbles. This duo match went very well. I was knocked twice but it worked out in the end. I basically charged up on the last guy & got his attention while swinging my lightsaber around & destroying his base & while he focused on me, Max eliminated him with a shotgun. I actually did have another win but I was so exhausted from gameplay that I forgot to screenshot it. At that point I knew it was time to take a break.

Fortnite 12-28-2019

I finally started to hit some of these prestige missions! It gave me multiple levels.
Max & I did some Zone Wars FFA. He won one. I got second.
In this case I won one & Max got second.
This is just before I started hitting my prestige mission goals. I won this game with my friend Crayon.
This is just before I started hitting the prestige mission goals.
I can’t complain about that.
The EXP bonus really helped things move along.

Fortnite 12-27-2019

I was jamming out late game in a Zone Wars FFA. People were probably wondering what I was doing as most of them were scrambling for their lives before they were eliminated. Then they get eliminated only to pop to my screen where I’m just jamming for the last minute or so.
Here is what I have left for the prestige missions. In the future I’m going to adjust the image quality. I had lowered it to get the page to load faster but I’m not entirely happy with the quality. We’ll see how future posts look now, but that’ll be tomorrow. If at that point it’s too slow, I’ll bring it back down.
Max & I got a couple of squad wins today. This was one of them. It was fun because they just didn’t stand a chance against us. As I was saying when I took out that other squad by myself, it’s all about timing. In this case, we had the timing down perfect & likely left the other squad wondering what even happened. Max started taking guys out and I shotgunned the final guy in the face. I actually had to tell Private Leaf to be quiet when we were getting ready to ambush these guys because he started talking over me as I was explaining the plan. Time was of the essence, as they say, & when I said go, I went, & I heard Max say, are you sure? I said yes & Max followed. I took out the first guy with a shot to the head as I went up the hill before, as I was saying, Max started tearing into the rest. It was great getting the final elimination & we jammed some with our guitar emotes afterward. Private Leaf left for the lobby too quickly & that’s why he isn’t in the screenshot.
Got a win with what I’m now referring to as my Ratchet Bitch.
I won this squad with LitTrashBag & Max. We also had a decent random member from the playerbase. I did need to reboot LitTrashBag & we built a fort on the other side of the bridge while fighting the final two squads. It wasn’t as easy of a win as the last one, as we fought several squads leading us to victory along the way. I sent at least eight rockets towards the final squad, destroying the bridge, knocking out some shields, & destroying most of their fort. Then Max killed three in a row. This left one alive. I followed Max in & he got the final kill too.
I really like this new Dark Elf. It’s a variant skin for Codename E.L.F. which is purchasable in an online bundle. I really don’t know how they get away with charging tax on a virtual item, but I guess the IRS gets its way.
So I bought Private Leaf, now known as private-leafy, a Cozy Commander skin. I had grouped with Max when Leaf & his friend arrived. Leaf says, “Hey Kevin” & then proceeds, along with his friend, to do the “we’re not worthy” emote. So, I decided to start jamming w/ Max.
It’s great when players want to show you respect. He flew all the way to my location just to give me a high five.
These John Wick wins just didn’t stop.
I honestly lost track of how many there were.
Some people think the game is easy, but then I look at their stats & see how often they win, &, well, it’s not a lot. Sure, some people hack, some people make it their life, but that’s beyond where I’m going with this game.
It was nice to get some consecutive wins in again.
More wins with Crayon.
Crayon & I did quite a few games, especially since we kept winning.
I got this win early in the AM with Crayon.
Messing with the wrong people in this game will get you eliminated.
I got a few eliminations with the rocket launcher.
Look at all that EXP. In fact, I hit the 800k bonus in this game, shooting up in levels. At this point I started to take my break.
This was an interesting game. We landed on my normal spot & while I was up at the satellite dishes the rest of the squad was ambushed. I then went down there, eliminated the other squad, grabbed everyone’s reboot cards, & rebooted them. I did all of this with this common skin I’m now calling my Ratchet Bitch.

Fortnite 12-26-2019

Max has convinced me to do a lot of Zone Wars FFA. It’s good for getting warmed up since everything is so fast paced, as to simulate various endgame scenarios. I enjoy it & it’s a lot like what I was describing to friends, as far as, the type of zone I wanted to create to practice in. It was community created. I have won in the past but in this case Max won & I took third. Max ended up with multiple Zone Wars FFA wins today.
Of course Crystal is still one of my favorite skins, however, I picked up a lot of new skins & she’ll probably get a break for awhile. It’s always great to win your 1st match of the day.
I had a brief run with some supercharged EXP which was nice.
This was my most recent win with the Army Man. I shelved him for awhile too because I purchased John Wick as well as some other skins.
I started knocking out levels & got closer to finishing some of the prestige.
The prestige missions give 800k EXP each! Once I start hitting them, I’ll shoot up in levels.
Typically I take breaks between matches, or, a break every few matches, but I was going for prestige so I just kept playing game after game for awhile there.
I really overused Wick for awhile but that’s just because I had wanted this skin for so long & now I finally have it. They also added a new game entitled Wick’s Bounty. I’m going to try that out later, especially since it’s only for a limited time. In that match a player is limited to three eliminations.
Te last achievement I know of for leveling is 250, so at this point, it’s just for bragging rights.
With the holidays & everything my schedule has been off a bit. Despite that, Max was on & we had both bought the guitar walk emote. I also purchased it for Dillon.
I met a new player in a pickup squad & we were the lone survivors of our group but ended up winning the game so we ran another squad afterward. It started interestingly enough, she told me she appreciated my username. Then I saw the other two members die so I met up with her & we won.
So when we won it came down to a fight between us & two others. I started building & used all my materials before also grabbing a crate. I was shooting at the other squad & launching rockets before running to get the crate. I then came back to LitTrashBag’s location while she continued covering me with shots towards the other squad. I had hit them multiple times too & they were slow to fire back, probably trying to heal up or drink shield potions. Then one got knocked by Trash after I took out his shields & shortly after Trash got the final elimination.
I made sure to get some wins with John Wick.
It’s easy to see how a person could spend all day playing this game.
I assume they’ll take the lightsabers out next patch, but until then, I’m using them.
I kept playing after this but this was technically the last win of the day.

A Fortnite Christmas

The EXP bonus was back & it actually stayed awhile this time.
I was AFK most of the day doing things IRL & honestly taking a nap. Then when I got in I found that Max had bought the same guitar emote I had & we both started to jam. Ken joined us too.
I met up late in the evening with Max & we did a zone wars FFA. Max won, I sucked, but it was a good warm-up for me & led to some great wins later in the night.
I won this squad battle with a random pickup member. I added them to friends after they sent a request. During the game they ran to where I was because they had been with two others who were eliminated early on. When they saw I was sneaking around, they mimicked my movements & I led them to victory. I knocked the first guy & they eliminated the last.
I am getting closer to finishing these prestige challenges.
I like the Yule Trooper so much. Max gave me this skin. The only drawback is everyone likes to shoot at him! One game it was hilarious I was in the storm and multiple enemies wearing Yule Troopers came after me.
I can’t say enough about this guitar emote. It’s fantastic. Even so, I know eventually the tune will get stuck in my head & I’ll have to shelf it for awhile.
I have a lot of V-Bucks now & I want some new skins. I almost bought an elf skin but decided not to. I really like this Crystal skin but I feel like I’ve overused it. The guitar emote helps! As soon as I see something I want, I’m going to get it.
My team & I did pretty well this rumble. The trick for me is to grab as many shield potions as possible. Lightsabers help tremendously too.
I saw Jay was on so I joined his rumble but he glitched out & disconnected. I went on to get 10 eliminations in a row without dying & of course we won the rumble.