Fortnite Win, Complete Game

In this game I use my character “BATMAN” which isn’t the Batman you find on the Fortnite tracker website but it’s still BATMAN. Anyway, I don’t normally play this account, & have had a few accounts named BATMAN, but in this game I save everyone & then one of my teammates suddenly turns into a try-hard & we go on to win. It was the dynamic duo versus the final squads.

Later on I had this bug again, which cost me the game.

Here’s one of the holiday skins they’re giving away right now.

Of course I still have over a dozen videos from this season yet to edit & post. I don’t normally post complete games anymore, but maybe I will start doing that just to save myself the time.

The above emote is Mr. Beast’s.

But, I certainly picked up the new Metallica emote when it released.

That’s my tower & sky base in the background.

Here’s another bug I have been running into. I’ve reported it to Epic many times.