Have you ever played Magic the Gathering? In 2005 while in Hawaii I took these images & created this background. I used MS Paint & cut the images into a small wallpaper & I’ve just kept this over the years. I had a Beta Time Walk & several Moxes as well as many dual lands & other classic utility cards, all the cards you see above, and even some cards you still see today such as the lightning bolt. I also played a variant of this deck in mtg online & of course even as recently as last year I had another actual Force of Will card, which I sold.

I have a video clip still of a turn 3 win with one of my decks & I’m not trying to brag but that’s decent. I could do that fairly often. The Scroll Rack and the colors involved here may give you an idea of what else might be in the deck, but it’s a quick and protective deck. These cards were just some of my favorites. This is exceptional artwork for a card game.