Fortnite & a General update

An update on Fortnite! Last night I went to a local casino in real life. It is one of the better casinos, if not the best in the state. I had a good time. Earlier I had played Fortnite. I won a few games but nothing spectacular so I haven’t even edited or uploaded those videos. I don’t get too many views anyway & so now I’m at a point where if the game doesn’t stand out to me, I’m not taking the time to upload. Still, after playing a throwback game of Planetside months ago, I’m not sure if Fortnite will age well, considering we used to think Planetside graphics looked great. Anyway, I began working on my PhD again. I had taken time off & fortunately was able to transfer some credits. I start classes again Monday. I need to find additional funding. I am exploring my options. Also, I bought a new tablet for this endeavor, the Samsung S7. I still want to get a PS5 & at least a 3080 graphics card, & I could go on & on about the other upgrades I would do if I could justify spending the money, but that’ll be another time. I also, even though I already own four vehicles, am looking at buying a car next week. I probably won’t but maybe.

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