I Told Ya

No Limit No Limit No Limit

I’m 40+ & back before I had my drivers license as a teenager

we were bumping Master P


Universal Music Group

Cash Money

Boris Johnson

remember when Napoleon III founded a water company

which is now Vivendi aka UMG


Ruthless Kevin

MC Hammer

in the year 2000 we then went to Nashville world finals

& broke the world record for the loudest pair of subs in the world

Matt got the trophy

The Offspring

One time, 20-something years ago, at Somerset, The Offspring blew up the transformer & there was a downtime & then they were back on with a new transformer. They were jamming & word was sent that the transformer was getting extremely hot & they decided to see if they could make it blow, & they did.

EverQuest’s latest Expansion Is Here

Fairly excited for this one. I want the Premium reward but that $249.99 family & friends expansion could be worth it. There are 6 tradeable component depot slots, two tradeable mounts, a tradeable level 100 heroic character, & a tradeable copy of the expansion. This definitely makes up for the price difference.

A standard expansion is already $34.99 & that comes with access to the zones and gear. The other items are useable on other accounts or characters, or, alternatively, they can be sold for platinum or Krono or traded for gear & other favors. I mostly play this game solo but it is not designed as a solo game so obviously at times I either have to box multiple accounts or get help from other players & sometimes I get help from other guilds.

Sometimes I get gear or Krono from other guilds, sometimes we EXP together, sometimes I get consumables. It varies but all of this costs platinum or Krono or something typically tangible. Players are fairly reasonable & I have given a lot of things away in the game to people. So, if someone tells you not to worry about it, or asks you for a copper piece, it’s symbolic or a friendly gesture. I posted what’s included in the next expansion. This also means that yes, the previous expansion is no longer purchasable.


Have you ever played Magic the Gathering? In 2005 while in Hawaii I took these images & created this background. I used MS Paint & cut the images into a small wallpaper & I’ve just kept this over the years. I had a Beta Time Walk & several Moxes as well as many dual lands & other classic utility cards, all the cards you see above, and even some cards you still see today such as the lightning bolt. I also played a variant of this deck in mtg online & of course even as recently as last year I had another actual Force of Will card, which I sold.

I have a video clip still of a turn 3 win with one of my decks & I’m not trying to brag but that’s decent. I could do that fairly often. The Scroll Rack and the colors involved here may give you an idea of what else might be in the deck, but it’s a quick and protective deck. These cards were just some of my favorites. This is exceptional artwork for a card game.