This is an old screenshot of Joe & I from when we killed Lord Bob together in Velks. https://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/npc.html?id=6060

Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar is the mob’s name, but people call him Lord Bob.

It was a fun fight & I basically just kept healing Joe throughout the fight with my cleric. The file says June 2006 but I’m sure it’s even older than that, because this has been moved a few times over the years & my character is wearing a Fungi tunic. It was a great day. Going there was Joe’s idea & he had told me he could almost solo him but needed some heals so I went ahead and backed him up & it’s still one of my favorite EQ memories. Of course now I can just one shot the mob. I remember one day I purged a lot of EverQuest screenshots not even really thinking about it and I probably should have saved them. Either way, I’ve been playing this game for twenty years so there are a lot of forgotten events. Actually, based on that shield I’m wearing it probably was 2006. I’ll check into that later.

I am currently editing six new Fortnite videos.. Coming soon!

Picked up some wine

I bought a couple bottles of wine. I enjoy this type of red wine from France & buy it often. I might look around for an older bottle, as I used to get the one on the right from 2014, but this is 2017. The bottle on the left is a 2014 bottle, which is a blend of Cotes. Domaine also makes a Cotes & at least in 2018 it was a bit sweeter than the E. Guigal, but both are great, with E. Guigal receiving higher marks overall. Still similar & both enjoyable.

I pulled this great Pokemon card out of a pack.

I’ve been collecting foil lands. I also have a set of foil lands sealed in a pack that they have been selling at Walmart & Target.

Picked up some cards at the shop & also pulled some cards. I bought the Armageddon and nev’s disk, but the rest I pulled from packs.

Here are some of the cards that were in the Star Wars packs. I really enjoyed opening these packs and viewing these cards & I believe these are probably among the best from what I pulled. Some of the cards sell for a few dollars up to $10 each, or the average price for the entire set is around $40-$50 currently. Packs are $6 to $20 each, depending on condition & the seller.

I’m hoping to finish editing at least one of my new videos tonight. Also, the poggers video is back up after a little bit of a copyright issue, it just won’t be available in some countries.

I also re-posted my “on my level” video & keep in mind, in the future I am planning additional access & if you find anything “not available” on my website, it is actually there, it’s just currently private or restricted.