You Know It!

Okay, so I’ve been spamming my discord. If you like my website & have wondered where I’ve been, check the discord for the SPAM in-between then & now.

There’s been so much going on I’m not even sure where to start! I sold my other BMW & bought a Chevy Cruze for my daily driver & work.

I built new computers.

I fixed computers & gaming machines.

I got new stuff!

It’s been eventful.

this is not a serious setup, just testing the displays but yeah, should be good for a lot of games, but I’ll stick with my 24.5″ & 27″ for Fortnite

I fixed this guy’s CDX. I wanted to get the CD portion working, but he did not want to buy parts. I did replace some wires internally & the Genesis portion is working.

He spent about $80 with me & honestly with the cost of parts for this thing, he would have likely spent a few hundred getting it fully functional again. He opted not to & I am happy enough to replace those wires inside or it wouldn’t work at all. I used some donor wires from a fried power supply to replace the old brittle wires that were inside. If you’re wondering, the wires I replaced were the two mains that connect the two PCBs together.

I took time to mod this sleeper. It is a z240 workstation with an i7-6700 & I gave it an m.2 drive running on the pcie16 slot & 32gb of DDR4 memory as well as a new GPU. The plan is to swap in a 1070 or a 1080 for it & yeah, a nice budget machine for many games.

The rest of what I planned to share is actually on my phone & I’ll save it for the next update. I have a lot planned, including changing my game room to get more consoles connected, & I launched a website for selling stuff! It probably won’t make any sales & I’ll end up going back to eBay or using something new such as OfferUp or who knows!

Regardless, I am disappointed in my vehicles over the last couple years, ever since that woman ran the red light & totaled my BMW coupe. I’m hoping this replacement I bought serves well because I bought it solely based on function. It had only 22k miles on it & I am guessing it will last long enough to pay for itself & all those things you expect from a car.

I’ll tell some stories in the next post & hopefully I am more on track by then, not that I’m really behind, just taking on a lot of things at one time!