Fortnite & Computers

I had this fun solo win last night. I have some other videos from wins I had in the previous weeks which are still being edited. I’ll post those later.

As always, if you can’t view a certain video, you need access.

I picked up this awesome MacBook Pro the other day.

I put the latest operating system on it. It’s called Monterey.

I’m really happy to have this. Additionally, I am about to modify my 21.5″ All-in-One iMac with the best possible hardware. It already has 32GB of ram, & will soon have three operating systems, a Nvidia graphics card, & the most powerful i7 it can handle. I will do that soon as I have all the equipment ready as well as some copper heatsinks for the video memory. I’ll post on the progress.

Another gaming computer came in & I quickly diagnosed this & had it back to the original owner the same day. His ADATA SSD failed. Never buy an ADATA SSD! Those drives fail faster than an old eMachine! Anyway, I put in a new SSD & reinstalled windows & he was off.

I just sold one of my All-in-Ones to a guy & he was so excited, I gave him a great deal, $150 with the box & everything! This is about what I paid for it, I don’t even know why, but he seemed worthy.

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