Someone hit my car..

So I was coming back to the office to drop off some cases of water when this woman ran a red light at over 60mph and totaled my BMW..

Fortunately I have another BMW and there were multiple witnesses, and she has insurance. I hope she’s okay but apparently she hit her head and had to be taken into the emergency room. I am okay, but she basically destroyed my car. Now I have to file a claim with her insurance company & figure out a way to get to my other BMW which is parked in storage over a hundred mile away.

I’m thankful for my friends & that she didn’t injure me. I went to a club afterward and met some Egyptian people who were very kind to me. They already knew what happened because Mostafa told them. It’s a complicated thing, but Minnesota has no fault in this state. That means that if I am injured, my insurance would pay, no matter who is at fault. Fortunately I am okay & I hope she has good insurance & that she recovers. She was going so fast her car didn’t stop until after the ambulance there. I was going slow, just crossing the intersection behind another car who was turning. The guy ahead of me ran over to check on me & was glad I was okay & he said to me, “She nearly hit me before she hit you!” I said I know I saw her run the red light. He & I talked about how if she had hit him while he was turning it would have been awful & someone probably would have died. Fortunately I was able to stop fast enough to only have her destroy my front end. She was going over 60mph easily, based on my experience, and ran the red light, hence why my entire front end is destroyed. Her SUV basically has damage from the front of her car down the side and she scraped through everything on my front end driving so fast.

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