Another day in Fortnite

So I ran into some friends in Fortnite last night. I also won some solo matches. I met some new people too. I also grouped with Pepperoni this morning and we won a duo. Anyways, here are some recent screenshots from my gameplay!

This was a pickup squad from last night, 12-10-2019. My two friends died but this guy was a random addition from the player base & he kicked ass. My friends died but he lived so we kept going & took the win!
Max got the final kill & we won our duo match vs. 98 other players. 12-10-2019
This morning, 12-11-2019, I had a solo win after coming in 2nd the previous match. This was a 100 man PVP. The previous match I should have won but I took some splash damage from my own rocket. This match was tight, I kept building because they tried to ambush me & fortunately I had enough materials. However, the storm kept moving so I had to keep moving & I killed some guys but couldn’t heal up & didn’t have any shields so I felt fortunate when I found the final guy trying to swim towards me in the water, ending up with an easy win.
This was a duo match shortly after my solo win. I grouped with Pepperoni & we tore it up. 12-11-2019
I ran a duo with Pepperoni’s IRL friend & we ended up winning. I also got a level.
Later I was running around solo & got a level.
This is another glitch where after I healed up I got Battle Ready. With 17 players left out of 100, it’s obvious that I wasn’t the first with full health and shields. In fact, I had previously had full health and shields. The other day I actually used a medic pack & the medic pack gave me full health and shields! It was strange. Still, I’ll take the extra EXP. Notice how everyone in my squad is dead. This happens to me a lot unless I group with my friends because people are reckless. 12-10-2019
This is the first time this happened! I was killed while grouped with Pepperoni & then he rebooted me, & I got First Landing! Ridiculous. Anyways, another glitch, more free EXP, I’ll take it. 12-11-2019

I’ll keep posting & I also started streaming a bit so perhaps here in the future I’ll start linking some videos. Thanks for stopping by.

Winning in Fortnite

I have quite a few wins & the ones posted below were all from the same day.
This was a surprising pickup squad that rocked. They all requested an add to my friend’s list & I found out that they group together often so I am looking forward to future wins.
This win was with my buddies Crayon, Todd, & VA. We got two in a row together actually.
This was an easy win except for the very last guy. He was fighting hard! Todd died first, then VA, then Crayon was down to 1HP & for a second I thought this guy might win. So I engaged him hard & just as I thought he might have me, Crayon drops him!
This squad was awesome! We easily won.
Here is a first landing glitch. I flew around awhile until I found a spot I wanted to land & the game glitched & gave me the badge.
Here is another first landing glitch. This was a similar situation I was flying around & decided to land when it showed up. This is actually a squad of my friends.

Fortnite is kind of an annoying game. I tried it out & I have to say I am less enthused about it than I was. Still, worth a play if you enjoy third person shooters. It is also available on iPhone, Android, Switch, Xbox, PS4, & PC. Everyone plays on the same servers & it seems to do pretty well. Games load quickly & you can get into the action quickly too. I like the game but I don’t like the glitches & I don’t like the hackers.

The developers are kind of trolls. They really upset a lot of people when they destroyed the game at one point & it didn’t come back for days. They also run the game for free, but it costs money to earn anything. In addition to that, they don’t seem to care or do anything about the hacking as it is rampant & it is not uncommon to find someone hacking. Despite all this, I do pretty well because I have experience in these games & I know how to survive.

There are many different skins in the game. The skin I am using is called Crystal. She is small & difficult to hit, so I enjoy using her. There are other skins & emotes which is the big draw for this game. One of my other favorite skins is the Army Man. Since the world is so green, he is tough to see at times. It’s interesting because these are both very cheap skins to buy compared to some of the other skins I have, but you can only get them at certain times when they’re available.

If you’re ever in game, provided I’m still playing, feel free to add me, I’m KevinSmith420!

Me, I’m in my Spaceship, that’s right, I work for NASA.

How else could you live as an Astronaut in the early 90’s from your living room as a kid? This game has a lot of detail and is both fun and educational.

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A Screenshot from the game. How else could you live as an Astronaut in the early 90’s from your living room as a kid? This game has a lot of detail and is both fun and educational.
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Sealed Graded NES Space Shuttle Project NM+ 85+