Fortnite Star Wars Event

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So we got into the game for the event but then our games crashed & the login servers went down. We still received the rewards but we missed the event because of Epic’s inability to maintain their network. These screenshots take place 12-14-2019 until early morning 12-15-2019.
This was actually a surprise win because I was in a pickup squad & I died fighting the final squad & so did the rest of my team, except for this person, who showed up late & finished off the next to last guy. It was definitely a team effort & I asked this person if they knew the person they were fighting because at the end they stopped shooting at eachother & the other guy suicided. It was odd & I didn’t get any answers, but that sort of thing happens. It happened to me in Planetside many times where I’d make deals with a friend who was playing for the opposite faction. Regardless, pretty rare. I can only compare it, at least in Fortnite, to a time it came down to me versus an entire squad & they stopped shooting & invited me into their building to dance until the storm killed us. My friend who was watching said they were really impressed with me & that’s why they did that.
This was pretty insane. Private Leaf & I were in a duo match & he was on his cell phone so his abilities were really limited compared to how well he plays when he is on his PS4. However, I hunted down the last guy & took him out as Private Leaf made his way down the hill. I actualy think the guy was distracted by Private Leaf & was working to eliminate him when I snuck up behind the final enemy & got the win.
I totally clutched this one and King of VA coached me through it. Everyone died except me and there were about 11 people left when he insisted I could win this if I used my lightsaber a bit more for blocking, which I did, & we won. I got the final kill with my shotgun.
I easily won this one. Sometimes luck doesn’t go your way but in this case we made it work.
This was a fun win. I grouped with my friends & we just owned it. Squads is probably my favorite but I don’t mind duos. I also enjoy solos. It’s just that so many people want to group with me now that I don’t do solos as much as I used to. I don’t like team rumbles because people don’t really use strategy in it, they just run, gun, die, repeat.
Max gifted me this AWESOME skin! I was so stoked. He & I have been winning a lot so it’s nice to see that he appreciates it.
Everyone except Max crashed at this event. Later in the day Jay Mewes told us he is attending the Star Wars premiere in California. So I guess due to that he wasn’t really worried about the servers being down.
Right at the end my entire squad ran off & died so I decided to dance at the house party. I got second as it was 3 vs 1 and they all had lightsabers.
I actually got quite a few levels today but I didn’t really screenshot them. I am nearly 288 now.
This was a halfway decent pickup squad but again they all ran off & died at the end while I was in position to win.

I was fairly upset with Fortnite today and their inability to accomodate everyone for their Star Wars event. Still, I was happy with my squads & teammates so I can’t really complain too much. Soon the new EverQuest expansion releases & I had intended to return to that today but I forgot about this event so I instead spent most of my time chasing squads.

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Fortnite on Friday the 13th

Illuminati Hopper
I took so much damage this game & died but my squad mate got the win.
Another squad win for Max & I! Our other squad member died early, but he was a random guy added to fill the squad by the server. One random guy did last with us but he didn’t do much. I just laid into the final guy’s build & while I was doing that, Max got the final kill. It’s helpful because the enem was focused on keeping his wall up so I just focused on knocking it down while Max focused on shooting him.
This was a great match. I had kind of a bad drop & got some grenades and a harpoon gun. I threw the grenades & knocked a guy & then knocked another guy with my harpoon gun. Then I hit another guy before being killed but then my squad came to my rescue, killing the guy I hit then grabbing my reboot card. They rebooted me & we traveled awhile until reaching the final circle. At this point it was our squad versus the last squad. I had picked up two crates & some traps. I started building, as did my squad, & we knocked down a couple guys. I had picked up some new guns & was doing really well. However, suddenly my entire squad was dead, & it was me versus the remaining 3 players. They had healed their buddies & for a second I thought I might not win. ThenI had some really good moves, I just trusted my instinct, running around through the building, creating doors, opening doors, shutting doors, making them vanish. Faling through the floor, that sort of thing. Then I threw a couple traps. I knocked one of their guys then another ran over my trap so it came down to me versus the final guy & I managed to shotgun them. It worked out & I owe it to my squad & my skills. I was doing things I didn’t even realize I was doing until it was done, but I was also on a Monster energy drink with some extra B6 so that’s not so surprising. This was probably the best match of the day.
I hit 281 today, almost 282. I am really close to finishing the stretch goals, just one challenge left before prestige.
I enjoy playing the Hopper character. It is interesting, sometimes kids run from Hopper. Other times it’s a bit of a fight. He’s a larger target, physically, so that’s why I tend to use my Army Man or Crystal more often.
I was a bit concerned today with all the glitches. I had a lot of 2nd place finishes in 100 man pvp. It really just came down to some glitches & latency.
I always seem to be outlasting my squad.
We were getting just owned here, it was a big multi-squad fight. I was actually working on the SMG achievement so I was being a bit more bold than normal.
I saved this guy’s life two times but I left him when he died a 3rd time.
This is a funny one. Four players left but I apparently opened the first treasure chest, according to the game anyway.
Hilarious, I got first landing while riding a zipline.

Not a bad run today, I’m going to be taking a break soon though because the new EverQuest expansion is coming out next week and they are raising the level cap. There are also new zones. It should be great. Hopefully it isn’t all packed & hopefully there isn’t a bunch of panic. Sometimes people flood the zones & then also there are a lot of panicked people or stressed or rushed or whatever, they just spread it among the playerbase sometimes. Thanks for stopping by.

Gaming in Fortnite

Today was patch day. When they returned there were a lot of new features. Also, a good portion of the map is now covered in snow.
Obviously if you’re not winning every now and then, it isn’t very fun. It’s difficult some times with all the hacks. Even with the patch today I had multiple people making impossible shots, not missing shots, & of course, some people use hacks to see through walls and locate me.
Of course I got some wins. This was actually a random pickup squad & they were very good. I tried to add a couple of them to friends but there was some kind of error. I was able to send out one request & hopefully we group again later.
I was proud of this win because my entire squad died & I took on another squad solo at the end but still won.
I often find myself the last surviving member of my squad. Sometimes I end up winning, as I did today. Other times I come in 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th, which isn’t bad considering at this point it is me vs 96 other players.
After awhile it all seemed pretty routine, but notice my squads kept dying off, leaving just me to work for the win.
At this point I just started expecting everyone but me to die.
At this point I switched to Crystal just for a change of pace & to basically be a smaller target.
It’s kind of funny b/c I’d never drop here myself but when my friends want to go, I do my best.
Here are what the presents look like. You loot a smaller version from a treasure chest then throw it like grenade. In this case I threw it down from the roof, but you can actually throw it on top of yourself too, granting whatever items are inside. Otherwise, just break down a wall to get the rewards. This also seems pretty late in the game for me to receive the early bird badge.
At some point my friends started showing up so we grouped & had some fun.
I am posting a few of these survivor badges just to show you what I’m talking about. Most of my squad die off even before we hit 50 & sometimes before the storm even begins moving. When someone lasts, especially if we win, I add them to friends.
It’s crazy how often this happens to me. I just assume most of these players are kids.
If my squad gets killed off, I’ll often wait & see what happens. If I get lucky then the final two squads start fighting & then I sneak into the fight & try for the win.
If I were as bad as some of these players, I don’t think I’d play the game. However, I’m glad they do!
When you’re low mats near the end of the game, sometimes a supply drop can help. However, I’d rather have a llama or eliminate another player.
Here is a funny glitch. Yeah, I’m sure with 9 players left I was the first to open a chest! Sometimes it does this but I’ll take the EXP.
This screenshot shows nearly 40 players eliminated but I am apparently the first to open a treasure chest? Not possible. Another glitch.
In this case there were 80 players eliminated but it’s possible no one had gotten a crate job yet. However, still very unlikely.

I hope you enjoyed this post, look out for more in the future. If you’re ever in game, add me, I’m KevinSmith420.

Another day in Fortnite

So I ran into some friends in Fortnite last night. I also won some solo matches. I met some new people too. I also grouped with Pepperoni this morning and we won a duo. Anyways, here are some recent screenshots from my gameplay!

This was a pickup squad from last night, 12-10-2019. My two friends died but this guy was a random addition from the player base & he kicked ass. My friends died but he lived so we kept going & took the win!
Max got the final kill & we won our duo match vs. 98 other players. 12-10-2019
This morning, 12-11-2019, I had a solo win after coming in 2nd the previous match. This was a 100 man PVP. The previous match I should have won but I took some splash damage from my own rocket. This match was tight, I kept building because they tried to ambush me & fortunately I had enough materials. However, the storm kept moving so I had to keep moving & I killed some guys but couldn’t heal up & didn’t have any shields so I felt fortunate when I found the final guy trying to swim towards me in the water, ending up with an easy win.
This was a duo match shortly after my solo win. I grouped with Pepperoni & we tore it up. 12-11-2019
I ran a duo with Pepperoni’s IRL friend & we ended up winning. I also got a level.
Later I was running around solo & got a level.
This is another glitch where after I healed up I got Battle Ready. With 17 players left out of 100, it’s obvious that I wasn’t the first with full health and shields. In fact, I had previously had full health and shields. The other day I actually used a medic pack & the medic pack gave me full health and shields! It was strange. Still, I’ll take the extra EXP. Notice how everyone in my squad is dead. This happens to me a lot unless I group with my friends because people are reckless. 12-10-2019
This is the first time this happened! I was killed while grouped with Pepperoni & then he rebooted me, & I got First Landing! Ridiculous. Anyways, another glitch, more free EXP, I’ll take it. 12-11-2019

I’ll keep posting & I also started streaming a bit so perhaps here in the future I’ll start linking some videos. Thanks for stopping by.

Winning in Fortnite

I have quite a few wins & the ones posted below were all from the same day.
This was a surprising pickup squad that rocked. They all requested an add to my friend’s list & I found out that they group together often so I am looking forward to future wins.
This win was with my buddies Crayon, Todd, & VA. We got two in a row together actually.
This was an easy win except for the very last guy. He was fighting hard! Todd died first, then VA, then Crayon was down to 1HP & for a second I thought this guy might win. So I engaged him hard & just as I thought he might have me, Crayon drops him!
This squad was awesome! We easily won.
Here is a first landing glitch. I flew around awhile until I found a spot I wanted to land & the game glitched & gave me the badge.
Here is another first landing glitch. This was a similar situation I was flying around & decided to land when it showed up. This is actually a squad of my friends.

Fortnite is kind of an annoying game. I tried it out & I have to say I am less enthused about it than I was. Still, worth a play if you enjoy third person shooters. It is also available on iPhone, Android, Switch, Xbox, PS4, & PC. Everyone plays on the same servers & it seems to do pretty well. Games load quickly & you can get into the action quickly too. I like the game but I don’t like the glitches & I don’t like the hackers.

The developers are kind of trolls. They really upset a lot of people when they destroyed the game at one point & it didn’t come back for days. They also run the game for free, but it costs money to earn anything. In addition to that, they don’t seem to care or do anything about the hacking as it is rampant & it is not uncommon to find someone hacking. Despite all this, I do pretty well because I have experience in these games & I know how to survive.

There are many different skins in the game. The skin I am using is called Crystal. She is small & difficult to hit, so I enjoy using her. There are other skins & emotes which is the big draw for this game. One of my other favorite skins is the Army Man. Since the world is so green, he is tough to see at times. It’s interesting because these are both very cheap skins to buy compared to some of the other skins I have, but you can only get them at certain times when they’re available.

If you’re ever in game, provided I’m still playing, feel free to add me, I’m KevinSmith420!