Fortnite 12-23-2019

I’ve officially changed my character’s name. I used to joke about it, but now it’s done. The name wasn’t available but then Max reminded me about how I could use letters from the Russian alphabet. I used a Russian capital C.
I ended up hitting 310 today, almost 311, in fact, one more match & I’ll be 311. Grassroots, if you get the reference. If you don’t, 311 is a band from the 90’s that had a song talking about “311 has grassroots, true.”
Max & I had a killer win. We really dominated this match. I feel like I should say more but to be honest it was a bit of a blur considering I was Christmas shopping all day & running errands. Also, I barely had any sleep. I know Max dominated & I did alright too.
I don’t even know how I won this one! I was still trying to figure this out when I basically finished with a three-way tie. Although the game gave me 1st. I actually remember shooting Max at the end, which was hilarious because I kept saying to Max, I think that’s everyone, just kill me. Had I not instinctively shot Max, he would have won the entire tournament instead of this tied result.
I dominated this match because I found Luke’s lightsaber early on.

Fortnite 12-22-2019

Dillon is on vacation so I mostly did Team Rumbles & some Duos with Max.
People really like to shoot at me when I’m a clown.
I tend to use this skin a lot. I do like it.
Today was a bit annoying. I won some rumbles but the trouble was that there was some lag as well as a few cheaters. I definitely caught one duo warping around while Max & I were grouped.
Despite all the nonsense, I was able to get in some wins.
I had some good runs.
I switched it up a little bit today.
I wonder what level I’ll make it to before the next season begins.
I used a blue burst & a gold sniper rifle this game. I ended up with 14 kills & had about 10 kills in a row.
Sometimes you have to do things in order to survive. That’s why I stealth around in this skin. I ended up with 13 wins today.
After awhile I started to get used to rumbles & avoiding death.

Fortnite 12-21-2019 Part 2

I won my first match of the day with Max & Dillon. I ended up getting so many wins today! Most of my wins are from Squads, Solos, & Duos, but I did some team rumbles today because they set some wild challenges that will take forever without that.
My mic went out on this match & that hindered us greatly. I hate it when Fortnite glitches. We placed 3rd in the 100 man duo.
This was the first game of the day. I saw we were kind of pinched between two squads & slid down the mountain & engaged the other squad, knocking one guy before I died. Then Pepperoni & Max finished the match, taking out the remaining people.
It came down to Max. He saved the day winning a long fight versus a guy with Kylo’s lightsaber. It was pretty awesome & Max said he was shaking the whole final fight. I got knocked by a trap & then after Pepperoni was killed, so was I. It was up to Max to finish the final guy & he did.
I had a lot of wins today with the Crystal skin. This is my surviving teammate as I unfortunately died just before we won, yet again. Still, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to win.
I didn’t even ask this kid to pose but he knew I was taking a screenshot of the victory so he ran up to make it look better, which I of course appreciate.
I’ve actually never won so many matches in one day. I won sixteen matches today.
I switched to using the Crystal skin after this and won another six matches.
I kind of got in the zone.
In total, seventeen wins in one day after this last one. Time for a break!

Fortnite 12-21-2019

Well, the levels don’t even seem to matter anymore.
I got the final kill on this one with a bunch of random people.
In this fight I had the bright idea of grabbing some extra lightsabers & I dropped them on the ground in the middle of one of the islands near the end of the match & I won because they all tried to get the lighersaber! It was nuts. I was so happy to see my bait worked & they just kept coming until it was over. I’m not sure at which point they realized I was just using the lightsaber as bait, but after my squad member grabbed Kylo’s lightsaber, I dropped Luke’s & did it again. It made the win that much more satisfying. I also completed a challenge.
I ended up getting a lot of fast wins late at night, which was great.
Triple kill with a harpoon gun!

Fortnite 12-20-2019

We started running no fill squads because pickup members just keep doing strange things.
I was killed by a TRAP via a macro user right near the end. Pepperoni distracted the last two remaining people as Max ran up & killed them. He came up the side of the hill while firing RPGs at them then switched to his gun after he built a ramp up to them, then came over the top & dropped them both.
Max tore it up this game. We did a duo & engaged the last two squads as they were coming out of the storm. Max hit the guys coming out of the storm & I did a little damage too. He got some kills while they were coming out of the storm & it came down to us versus the final guy. Max got the last kill right when the final guy knocked me.
I got knocked fighting two guys but Dillon swooped in with Max behind him & they took them out & then Max revived me. I had floppers & shields & we went after the final guy. Boy was in our squad but he ran off & died right at the end. We hid for awhile in the crate that kind of looks like a wacky Pirate Homer Simpson. At one point Max was knocked near the river & I threw a bunch of grenades into the tower the enemy had built & those exploded & eliminated the guy just as he was about to shotgun Max to death. It worked out & we moved on for the win.
I did a Battle Royal with Max & we dominated. I got 5 kills in a row & so did Max. We were working on challenges. Normally we don’t do Battle Royals but it was a lot of fun today.
Early on I hit 300. I feel like I would have done better but I decided to cover Faze Kid who likes to run right into the fight & obviously that gets you a lot of attention in this game. Later I went to help a squad member who died & ended up getting ambushed myself. In my mind I knew not to get involved but sometimes you hope for the best & come up short.
I got another level while grouping with Pepperoni & Max.