Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library (1985-1995)

I’m in it, so it must be good.

I used to talk to Pat back before he made these books & of course when he announced plans to make these books I supported it & the SNES guide. There was actually discussion to release more books & I’m not sure if Pat did or not because I’ve just been busy doing other things.

I would also suggest watching Tetris Masters.

RIP Jonas Neubauer

People often speculate over what a match between Jonas & Thor would have been like.

& if you haven’t heard of Thor, you should read about him

Thor was the first Nintendo World Champion.

I also used to talk with this guy darbian, he is the former Super Mario speed running world champion.

Lately I’ve been watching & talking a bit with the current Super Mario 3 champion, Mitch Flower Power.

Randomly people will mention Nintendo to me & I like to comment about how I still have my original NES games from the 80’s.

However, something else I like to mention, is how I got a 486 instead of a SNES, owned a Sega, Sega CD, & 32x as a kid, & still have my original NES, & of course, that John Madden is from my hometown. I’m also a student of game theory.

Another Nintendo player I should mention is Mike Matei.

You might remember him from the Angry Video Game Nerd series on Youtube. Most of the original AVGN Videos, that gameplay, was done by Mike, not the nerd. He’s also a big Star Trek fan.