Setting up & Fixing Computers

The shop picked up a dozen or so 11th Gen Alienware computers because of the shortage. We want to make sure we have gaming machines for our customers so this ensures we can put together a couple dozen machines as well as have some extras with Alienware. 👽

I don’t eat cake really so I had a donut and an ice cream sandwich for my birthday & not even on the same day, just to watch my diet a bit.

I also picked up some socks.

I also bought some thick cotton socks, not pictured.

I also washed my car.

The warning lights came on & so now I need to do the front blinker and the back brake light I believe. They actually went out before the wash so fortunately it’s not a big deal.

I saw the latest but didn’t buy it. I’m not sure how many collector boxes they’ve made over the years but I’ve seen a few. They sell well.

I fixed this machine pretty easily. I personally wouldn’t buy or sell a machine like this but I’d certainly fix it.

Here are some of my extra computers.

Look at my pauper setup in my new office! I’ll let you know when I get my furniture in here, it’s a process as stuff is about a hundred miles away in storage I need to hire someone because I’d probably hurt myself if I tried to move it myself. However, folding tables and chairs are light. I will probably move my chair myself or buy something new and I’ll be stoked when I finally get my other desk here.

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