I Fixed Another Gaming Computer

A guy from Milwaukee was in town & needed to get his friend’s gaming computer working correctly. He bought a new mainboard and I installed it.

they were happy with the results

Here’s the system before the swap after I gutted it

The AsRock board was replaced with an Asus board.

I also installed a 5600x replacing his old CPU.

I also picked up a 2019 Macbook Pro! I got it for a great price because I bought it wholesale from a corporation that thought it was broken. However, it was just a software issue which I quickly resolved.

Now I have it listed for sale for $900 but I am considering keeping it.

It only has 8 battery cycles! It’s basically new.

I even have the box.

After work I went out and had a burger.

It was okay.

We got a threadripper in stock. It’s in the display case along with a 3060 & 3070.

I bought a 3080 TI for my computer! I’ll have it by next week.

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