Arena Wins

I had some wins, including a couple Arena solo wins.

I also fixed up a Macbook Pro I bought on eBay for cheap. I cleaned it up, did some minor upgrades, and put Catalina on it.

I’m pretty happy with the results.

There was a rumble I won with some kids that I also want to edit from about a month ago, I’ll get to that eventually & post it.

I also picked up some 2-in-1s, two of the ones pictured below, as well as a Lenovo & Samsung & some other laptops to fix, clean up, & resell. I also bought a 17″ Macbook Pro which is on the way.

I’m not sure if I mentioned I sold one of the iMacs & I am finally getting to the upgrade of my iMac.

I may post some photos of the Samsung later, I realize I don’t have any photos of it after I fixed it up.

Earlier this week at work I fixed a customer’s All-In-One Dell computer & another customer’s Macbook Air.

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