Fortnite 12-16-2019

I decided to do a solo match to start the day & it went pretty well.
I ran a Squad with Max & Pepperoni. Boy was also there. We won & it was a good game. Max & I came in second in another game. Max was robbed, the kid who got him at the end was clearly hacking. He used two warps right at the end, one to get out of the storm during a 5 tick, and another to put a trap right below Max. Max didn’t even seem to care, but I definitely would have reported that guy.
I would have liked to get more wins today but it was fun grouping with my friends & we fought hard for this victory. It was definitely a team effort. Pepperoni got the final kill!
This was an awesome victory. Boy & Infinite both died almost immediately at the start of the match, as did the random pickup member. Even so, I managed to win against the final guy as he got cocky & thought I was low health & came at me with his mining tool. Trouble was, he didn’t realize I ate some fish & was full health again. I was happy to get this win because I came in second during the previous squad with Boy & Infinite spectating. I had Faze Kid with me, who is really good, but we lost because Infinite wouldn’t be quiet, neither would Boy, & I didn’t have time to mute them. Basically, I didn’t hear the footsteps of the final guy who got me because of that. I was doing really well in the squad & it came down to me versus the last three guys. I knocked the first two & was low health when I died to the final guy. Which isn’t bad considering the three of them basically jumped me because I didn’t know where they were due to all the noise these kids were making. I explained it to them & hopefully they understand. If not, they’ll be muted often!
I had so many kills this game. I also rescued two of my squad members who died. Then I led them to victory. I killed at least five, three in a row, then two in a row, and maybe I had some other kills I’m not sure because I was focused & hitting a lot of guys. The one guy, Bob, told me to hurry up & so I left him behind & made him catch up.
After the solo match I started doing squads. I ended up winning this match.
Fortnite is known for its glitches but it just seems to be getting worse. Ah well, I’ll take the free EXP.
This is an interesting skin to say the least.

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