Fortnite 12-15-2019

I logged in & immediately joined a pickup squad. We went out & won. This is another instance where I died fighting the final squad but my teammate took the win for us.
Another win for Max & I! It came down to two people left & I decided after the next to last guy was hit a couple times to rush him with a lightsaber. It went well & we won.
After grouping with Max for awhile, he left to get some sleep. My squads kind of sucked after that, with numerous 2nd and 3rd place finishes. I also saved this squad multiple times with reboots & tosses from the storm. I ended up salvaging a really bad drop at one point, getting us a much higher placement.
This battle ready glitch needs to be fixed.
I’m pushing towards level 300! The prestige stretch goals are insane but are 800k EXP each. For example, I need 2,000 kills. I also need to do 250,000 damage. Stuff like that.
Always fun when I find a llama late in the game.

I actually lost a solo & took second to a good John Wick player. It was my fault, I should have got more aggressive with him but instead I sat back & he managed to hit me with a purple AR.

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