Fortnite Star Wars Event

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So we got into the game for the event but then our games crashed & the login servers went down. We still received the rewards but we missed the event because of Epic’s inability to maintain their network. These screenshots take place 12-14-2019 until early morning 12-15-2019.
This was actually a surprise win because I was in a pickup squad & I died fighting the final squad & so did the rest of my team, except for this person, who showed up late & finished off the next to last guy. It was definitely a team effort & I asked this person if they knew the person they were fighting because at the end they stopped shooting at eachother & the other guy suicided. It was odd & I didn’t get any answers, but that sort of thing happens. It happened to me in Planetside many times where I’d make deals with a friend who was playing for the opposite faction. Regardless, pretty rare. I can only compare it, at least in Fortnite, to a time it came down to me versus an entire squad & they stopped shooting & invited me into their building to dance until the storm killed us. My friend who was watching said they were really impressed with me & that’s why they did that.
This was pretty insane. Private Leaf & I were in a duo match & he was on his cell phone so his abilities were really limited compared to how well he plays when he is on his PS4. However, I hunted down the last guy & took him out as Private Leaf made his way down the hill. I actualy think the guy was distracted by Private Leaf & was working to eliminate him when I snuck up behind the final enemy & got the win.
I totally clutched this one and King of VA coached me through it. Everyone died except me and there were about 11 people left when he insisted I could win this if I used my lightsaber a bit more for blocking, which I did, & we won. I got the final kill with my shotgun.
I easily won this one. Sometimes luck doesn’t go your way but in this case we made it work.
This was a fun win. I grouped with my friends & we just owned it. Squads is probably my favorite but I don’t mind duos. I also enjoy solos. It’s just that so many people want to group with me now that I don’t do solos as much as I used to. I don’t like team rumbles because people don’t really use strategy in it, they just run, gun, die, repeat.
Max gifted me this AWESOME skin! I was so stoked. He & I have been winning a lot so it’s nice to see that he appreciates it.
Everyone except Max crashed at this event. Later in the day Jay Mewes told us he is attending the Star Wars premiere in California. So I guess due to that he wasn’t really worried about the servers being down.
Right at the end my entire squad ran off & died so I decided to dance at the house party. I got second as it was 3 vs 1 and they all had lightsabers.
I actually got quite a few levels today but I didn’t really screenshot them. I am nearly 288 now.
This was a halfway decent pickup squad but again they all ran off & died at the end while I was in position to win.

I was fairly upset with Fortnite today and their inability to accomodate everyone for their Star Wars event. Still, I was happy with my squads & teammates so I can’t really complain too much. Soon the new EverQuest expansion releases & I had intended to return to that today but I forgot about this event so I instead spent most of my time chasing squads.

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