Fortnite on Friday the 13th

Illuminati Hopper
I took so much damage this game & died but my squad mate got the win.
Another squad win for Max & I! Our other squad member died early, but he was a random guy added to fill the squad by the server. One random guy did last with us but he didn’t do much. I just laid into the final guy’s build & while I was doing that, Max got the final kill. It’s helpful because the enem was focused on keeping his wall up so I just focused on knocking it down while Max focused on shooting him.
This was a great match. I had kind of a bad drop & got some grenades and a harpoon gun. I threw the grenades & knocked a guy & then knocked another guy with my harpoon gun. Then I hit another guy before being killed but then my squad came to my rescue, killing the guy I hit then grabbing my reboot card. They rebooted me & we traveled awhile until reaching the final circle. At this point it was our squad versus the last squad. I had picked up two crates & some traps. I started building, as did my squad, & we knocked down a couple guys. I had picked up some new guns & was doing really well. However, suddenly my entire squad was dead, & it was me versus the remaining 3 players. They had healed their buddies & for a second I thought I might not win. ThenI had some really good moves, I just trusted my instinct, running around through the building, creating doors, opening doors, shutting doors, making them vanish. Faling through the floor, that sort of thing. Then I threw a couple traps. I knocked one of their guys then another ran over my trap so it came down to me versus the final guy & I managed to shotgun them. It worked out & I owe it to my squad & my skills. I was doing things I didn’t even realize I was doing until it was done, but I was also on a Monster energy drink with some extra B6 so that’s not so surprising. This was probably the best match of the day.
I hit 281 today, almost 282. I am really close to finishing the stretch goals, just one challenge left before prestige.
I enjoy playing the Hopper character. It is interesting, sometimes kids run from Hopper. Other times it’s a bit of a fight. He’s a larger target, physically, so that’s why I tend to use my Army Man or Crystal more often.
I was a bit concerned today with all the glitches. I had a lot of 2nd place finishes in 100 man pvp. It really just came down to some glitches & latency.
I always seem to be outlasting my squad.
We were getting just owned here, it was a big multi-squad fight. I was actually working on the SMG achievement so I was being a bit more bold than normal.
I saved this guy’s life two times but I left him when he died a 3rd time.
This is a funny one. Four players left but I apparently opened the first treasure chest, according to the game anyway.
Hilarious, I got first landing while riding a zipline.

Not a bad run today, I’m going to be taking a break soon though because the new EverQuest expansion is coming out next week and they are raising the level cap. There are also new zones. It should be great. Hopefully it isn’t all packed & hopefully there isn’t a bunch of panic. Sometimes people flood the zones & then also there are a lot of panicked people or stressed or rushed or whatever, they just spread it among the playerbase sometimes. Thanks for stopping by.

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