Gaming in Fortnite

Today was patch day. When they returned there were a lot of new features. Also, a good portion of the map is now covered in snow.
Obviously if you’re not winning every now and then, it isn’t very fun. It’s difficult some times with all the hacks. Even with the patch today I had multiple people making impossible shots, not missing shots, & of course, some people use hacks to see through walls and locate me.
Of course I got some wins. This was actually a random pickup squad & they were very good. I tried to add a couple of them to friends but there was some kind of error. I was able to send out one request & hopefully we group again later.
I was proud of this win because my entire squad died & I took on another squad solo at the end but still won.
I often find myself the last surviving member of my squad. Sometimes I end up winning, as I did today. Other times I come in 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th, which isn’t bad considering at this point it is me vs 96 other players.
After awhile it all seemed pretty routine, but notice my squads kept dying off, leaving just me to work for the win.
At this point I just started expecting everyone but me to die.
At this point I switched to Crystal just for a change of pace & to basically be a smaller target.
It’s kind of funny b/c I’d never drop here myself but when my friends want to go, I do my best.
Here are what the presents look like. You loot a smaller version from a treasure chest then throw it like grenade. In this case I threw it down from the roof, but you can actually throw it on top of yourself too, granting whatever items are inside. Otherwise, just break down a wall to get the rewards. This also seems pretty late in the game for me to receive the early bird badge.
At some point my friends started showing up so we grouped & had some fun.
I am posting a few of these survivor badges just to show you what I’m talking about. Most of my squad die off even before we hit 50 & sometimes before the storm even begins moving. When someone lasts, especially if we win, I add them to friends.
It’s crazy how often this happens to me. I just assume most of these players are kids.
If my squad gets killed off, I’ll often wait & see what happens. If I get lucky then the final two squads start fighting & then I sneak into the fight & try for the win.
If I were as bad as some of these players, I don’t think I’d play the game. However, I’m glad they do!
When you’re low mats near the end of the game, sometimes a supply drop can help. However, I’d rather have a llama or eliminate another player.
Here is a funny glitch. Yeah, I’m sure with 9 players left I was the first to open a chest! Sometimes it does this but I’ll take the EXP.
This screenshot shows nearly 40 players eliminated but I am apparently the first to open a treasure chest? Not possible. Another glitch.
In this case there were 80 players eliminated but it’s possible no one had gotten a crate job yet. However, still very unlikely.

I hope you enjoyed this post, look out for more in the future. If you’re ever in game, add me, I’m KevinSmith420.

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