Fortnite Bundles

I picked up some bundles today for $16 each. I also bought one of the bundles in the item shop. I’m going to save the PS4 bundle because I think it’ll probably go up in value & for $16 I doubt it’ll ever be cheaper than that. The Deep Freeze bundle is better than they advertise because it also includes a Battle Pass code. You get the Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, & the outfit bundle. If they hadn’t made so many of the Deep Freeze, I would have bought more, but those were the last two Darkfire bundles left at the store. Anyway, I’ve been doing this sort of thing for many years, buying random games, etc, & waiting for them to go up in value. I will absolutely use at least two more of these today, it’s just a matter of deciding which account.

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some screenshots for old times haha, but check out the videos on my Youtube
Batman.. bravery in the face of defeat
lock down your aerial
I play fair, don’t cheat..
blinded with the lights
dizzy new heights.. this is the first time the WordPress didn’t error out from the screenshots.. normally it takes a few attempts.. nice

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