Fortnite & My New CPU 5-16-2020

So now that my CPU is powerful enough to push my GPU I might actually turn up the settings a bit. I don’t like running my GPU at 90%+ so I found some settings that run the CPU & GPU both around 60% to 70% in most instances leaving me some headroom in larger battles. I’ve also begun testing with higher than 120 FPS again just to see how that goes. Future plans include getting another 1080 turbo, since my new i7-9700k can easily handle two, & to get another 32GB of ram, as well as another m.2 drive. At that point I might invest in a new 4th display.

So this was a great match where I was eliminated early on along with the rest of the squad but Dillon was able to grab my reboot card, escape, reboot me, & then we duo’d it up for the win!

Dillon saves the match.

With the upgrades to my PC complete I started to look at my storage situation & began utilizing some of my cloud space to free up local disk space, at which point I may also replace my data drive which has had a long service life. It shows no signs of slowing down, overheating, or failing, but time & friction is the enemy with these older SATA drives.

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