Fortnite 4-15-2020

The season has been extended. This gives me a chance to get the golden banana. I am so far behind with the screenshots I may never catch up. Regardless, I will continue posting whenever possible & of course my videos are available on Youtube & Twitch. I also just got this skin for free after using a Playstation Plus 14 Day Trial. You can see me win some games with this Point Patroller via the aforementioned websites. I also considered running a screenshot application to single out the specific monitor but I would want one that impacts the upper memory minimally. In addition to this, I thought, there could be a program that creates a screenshot off a specific monitor & with a push of a button posts it to your WordPress or Facebook or Instagram, or whatever. I’ll look into that.
A Duo Win w/ Maple
Here’s A Win w/ Katchthesehandz

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