Fortnite 2-29-2020 Part 2

Harley Quinn pickup squad win playback. These are the two I attempted to save by the river but they were having too much fun. I had 6 eliminations this game, including the final elimination for the win.
I did a rumble with one of my accounts & did pretty well. I actually went through all of these shield potions!
I won another game with a pickup squad. I actually should say, they won the game. I didn’t do much but that’s alright!
Pickup squad video playback.
It appears someone is in the john.
Now to find the chimichanga..
Oh there it is..
Thanks… I guess… So that chimichanga was made of hallucinogenic llama meat?
It came down to us versus the rest in squads. My partner got knocked giving me the final elimination! It was actually perfect timing from my perspective. At the time & even watching it on playback it appears my teammate set that guy up so I could eliminate him, which is something I do sometimes too. If you know you & someone else are on the same target, it can work well, especially at the end like this.

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