Fortnite Neo Versa Bundle

I’ve been adding outfits to my main account whenever possible. I linked my PS4 to my main PC account & redeemed this outfit for $4! The link below is for Neo Versa & 500 V-Bucks for only (approximately) $4.32 after tax. I am in no way affiliated with this seller & it’s just the cheapest I’ve found it. Keep in mind V-Bucks redeemed on PS4 only work on PS4 but you can use whatever you buy with it cross-platform. So, I have an extra 500 V-Bucks on PS4 that I can’t combine with the V-Bucks on my PC even though the accounts are linked. It’s really not a big deal especially since I foresee myself redeeming other outfits in the future.

I also purchased the Wavebreaker bundle months back when that first became available.
Fortunately I have a Rogue Agent already because people want upwards of $75 for this code now.
This is the new bundle with her hood down.

I’ve considered buying an Honor Guard promo code as well as a Psycho Bundle & even Eon. There are quite a few out there still, including Deep Freeze, Dark Vertex, DarkFire, Royal Bomber, Love Ranger, Double Helix, & the Spider Knight bundle.

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