EverQuest 2-26-2020

There has been some renewed interest in my Necromancer Xxixx.
See, the story with this account goes like this, it was originally my cousin Josh’s account but then he literally gave the account to Joe. This account dates back to around 2003. Then in 2013 Joe & I were riding motorcycles, me on my Kawasaki Ninja & he on his Honda, & Joe eventually asked me if I wanted to trade accounts. At the time he had leveled the Necromancer to at least 75 & there were other characters on the account. All he wanted in return was one of my accounts, which I honestly can’t remember if it was a Shaman account or a Berserker account, but either way, we made the deal. I gave him my level 85 account & I’ve used this Necromancer as like my third reserve or sometimes an added DPS in my main groups since. However, now it’s 2020 & I have this character up to level 109 w/ some pretty substantial upgrades, including that rare mount worth at least three Krono.
So I left the Monk & his Cleric untouched but I made myself a Beastlord & leveled the Necromancer.
I’m not too attached to the Beastlord, considering she’s part of my third group & hardly ever used. Still, she has good gear, especially for her level, with Crypt of Sul & Castaway gear from the Darkened Sea. My main character, a Shadow Knight, can transform into a T-Rex. This is achievable by completing all of the Darkened Sea quests. I guess alternatively I could just change Xxixx’s name, but we’ll see how it goes. I have 17 EQ accounts so I’m sure we can work out a deal.

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