Food Post 2-4-2020

Yesterday in Fortnite people were asking me a lot of questions & the one that really struck me as interesting was, “How are you eating?” I told them I prepare almost all of my own meals. This perplexed them & they asked me what kind of food I am eating. So, here is a post about what I ate today. My friend suggested I start a Youtube cooking channel! Hilarious. Obviously this is all store bought. I had Milo’s tea with my meal & I also enjoy straight black tea, Earl Grey, & English Breakfast, among others. I also like red, white, & green teas. It took a couple hours to prepare everything if you consider the time I took shopping. While I only used a small amount of this butter in my rice, it is definitely worth noting. I typically make sure everything I buy is as free from salt as possible. This butter is from grass fed cows & has an excellent color to it. It is a bit more expensive but well worth it. The Tortillas are made right here in Minnesota.
I couldn’t find the cheese I was looking for so I had to settle for this. Yes, typically I use an even better cheese than this for my burritos but it was more than sufficient, especially considering I don’t use a whole lot.
I took this photo after I had already made the first burrito, so this is the Tuscan chicken I prepared. I cut it up on the parchment paper I baked it with. I have a video of the chicken breast prior to it being cooked when it was prepared with the dry Tuscan spices. I then cut it up after baking it for about 20 minutes in the oven.
I also baked the tortillas. I decided to bake the tortillas as opposed to warming them on a skillet because I felt as if I already had enough to clean after this meal.
The rice took the longest to cook so I started it first. Not enough credit is given to the importance of a good rice. I used the aforementioned butter, as well as spring water, & my own blend of salt & spices. This is, at least in part, why I try to get everything without salt or as low sodium as possible. That way I control the sodium content & I know the quality of salt being used.
The funny thing is that I could go farther with this because, just like the rice, I also purchased my salsa verde from the store. I could have instead made my own & to save time I simply purchased Tostitos salsa verde. This again has a bit more salt than I would like, but it’s decent. I also bought a bag of organic blue corn chips. I didn’t end up eating any of the chips tonight, but I certainly will. Also, I did buy a green pepper, but I decided not to cook it this time & will use it in something else later this week.
After adding the rice I added the three bean blend. The beans were the easiest to cook & were made last. They were excellent & this was the first time I bought beans from this company. If you’re curious, they were an Organic Tri-Bean Blend with Kidney Beans, Pinto Beans, & Black Beans. They are very low sodium & they do not use sodium chloride in their Tri-Bean Blend.
I added the cheese & then of course the salsa verde & sour cream. The sour cream was from Daisy Brand LLC. The chicken didn’t have a company name per say, just from a local meat market, but it was fresh unfrozen chicken breast. There was a lot of flavor & really I am a bit biased but, to me, it was much better than Chipotle.
I bought Romaine lettuce from Green Giant, grown in California. I like how there is a sticker showing when it was picked, which was about a week ago. That’s a short supply chain. I then cut the lettuce & discarded the parts I didn’t want. I felt like I was wasting some of the lettuce but I didn’t know anyone who would eat it so then after that I washed the lettuce twice & bagged it in a Ziploc. I guess what I should have done with the parts I didn’t want for my burrito, & perhaps I’ll do this next time, is make it into a salad. I know I’ve eaten lower quality lettuce in salads before so I’m not sure why I was so picky. I didn’t think of this until I discarded the unwanted cuts. It’s still good lettuce, even if it isn’t the choice sections of the plant. Another thing I’ll do next time, I will only prepare one tortilla & use the other two uncooked to wrap the food because then I can simply reheat the entire burrito in the oven for about 10 minutes without worrying about overcooking the tortilla. Sometimes I forget my methods but it’s been awhile since I made burritos. I gave ate one, gave one away, & stored another in the refrigerator for later. The small amount of beans, chicken, & rice remaining, I ate.
My friend works at a local restaurant & I was messaging him, as I randomly do, & he wanted one of my burritos. I had told him I made too much & sent him some photos & he stopped by & picked up a burrito & some salsa. I didn’t really offer but I suppose I implied & he wrote me a message saying, “Save me one!” It was great to know that he enjoyed it since, as I told him, I hate letting food go to waste. Obviously I probably would have eaten the extra burrito in a day or two, but it’s definitely better fresh & he’s a good friend. I value his input & I know if it were bad, he would have told me! He sent me this photo from the restaurant & complimented me on the burrito. I actually gave him a good portion of lettuce so that’s what you may see in the background there. I’ll just keep in mind that he’s not a big lettuce fan next time. Basically I wrapped the burrito in aluminum foil as well as some lettuce & cheese in another section of foil. I put the salsa in a plastic container I had. He stopped by the house & picked it up on his way back to the restaurant.

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